The Advantages of Using a Full Cover on Your Car

When you purchase a car, you will also want to give it the best attention and protection to keep it in excellent condition for a long time. After all, a car is a valuable investment and a prized possession. Whether it is the exterior or the interior of the car, you can take some crucial steps to keep them away from any kind of damage. One of these is to use a full cover on your car.

When on the road or parked in an open space, the car remains exposed to a variety of external elements. After you have bought a car or SUV, the first thing you need to do is keep it covered when not in use. By using a full cover on your car, you can protect it from different kinds of damages. In particular, full covers help you protect the windshield and other automotive glasses in the car. In fact, there are several advantages of using car covers to protect your car or SUV. In this article, we’ll discuss how car covers can help you avoid a range of damages and issues and maintain the exterior and interior of the car in a proper manner.

Key Advantages of Full Car Cover

Given below are some of the key advantages that using full covers will bring to your car or SUV. So, keep on reading!

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    1. Keep the Car Clean

    You need to keep the car neat and clean in the first place. Elements such as dust, rain, hail and rust can erode the exteriors of the car. So, you need to protect your car from all these enemies.

    By keeping your vehicle clean, you will slow down that wear and tear of various of its components. You may think that a car wash will solve this problem. But the real question is how many times you will take the car to a maintenance shop for washing. The cost will add up and prove to be very expensive, if you get multiple car washes over a short period of time. The best idea, therefore, is to use full covers on the car and keep it clean for months in a row. Using car covers will offer protection against dust particles and rusting. Though you will still need a car wash, the frequency of washes will come down in a significant manner.

  • 2. Protect Auto Glass from Dents and Scratches

    It is the auto glasses that are more prone to damages from external elements. Dust particles and debri can gather on the front windshield, back windshield and other auto glass in the vehicle. Kids playing close by can also touch the surface of the car and dent and scratch the windshield.

    If the damage is minor, auto glass repair will do the job. But if the windshield is broken or has sustained severe damages, you will need to go for auto glass replacement. Getting a new auto glass installation will be expensive. That is why you should take proper care of your vehicle. By putting a full cover over the car, you will be able to easily minor damages to the exterior. Just a little care in this manner will keep your car well protected and free from damages.

    In any case, you should always remember not to ignore a minor ding or scratch in the auto glass of your car. As soon as you spot a blemish, you should head over to a highly trusted auto glass service such as Sir Auto Glass, which provides auto window repair services in the Portland Metro area. If you do not have time to visit our auto glass repair shop, you can avail yourself of our mobile auto glass repair and mobile windshield replacement service at no extra cost.

  • 3. Avoid Damage from Natural Elements

    Natural elements look harmless, but they can take a toll on the appearance of your car over a period of time. Bird droppings, pollens and tree sap are examples of such elements that you need to avoid.

    Usually, people believe that bird droppings will not do any harm to the exteriors of the car. But you should know that this element is acidic in nature, and it can cause damage to the surface of the car. If bird droppings are not cleaned immediately, they will take a toll on the glossy finish of your vehicle. Tree sap also acts in the same way. It can erode the finish of your car or SUV. You can avoid all these issues by simply using full cover fabrics on your car. The good news is that using car covers will cut down on the number of maintenance per year.

  • 4. Protect Classic Car Paints

    Modern or newer models of cars have durable paint. But the quality of paint done on a classic car is of much lower quality.

    If you own a classic car or an old model, you need to take greater care of the paint and other materials. Not paying proper attention will lead to damage to the paint. In this case, car covers will prove to be extremely useful. Using full covers will prolong the life of the paint and other materials in your classic car. Buying a car cover will save you a lot of money in the long term.

  • 5. Make Maintenance Easy

    You have invested a lot of money in the car. To protect the investment, you will need to give it proper maintenance on a regular basis. This is to make sure the vehicle stays in excellent condition for a long time.

    Whether it is the warning light, oil filter, engine or the car battery, every car requires regular maintenance. The more time you devote to the maintenance of your car, the longer the car will restore its great condition. While the car is new, it shines and looks outstanding. But as time passes and elements take a toll, the car starts to lose its sheen both in appearance and functionality. The challenge is to keep your car looking brand new even after several years of purchase. That is exactly why you should use full fabric covers on your car. Using a car body cover will provide ease of maintenance and the car will have maximum resale value.

  • 6. Save the Car from Intense Glares of the Sun

    If not protected, harsh glares from the sun can also do harm to the outer surface as well as interiors of your car or SUV.

    The finish of your car requires proper protection. Exposure to intense glare of the sun will damage the finish of your vehicle. As a smart car owner, you need to protect your car from harsh UV rays of the sun as well as other similar harsh weather elements. For example, your car will need protection from snow and ice during the winters to avoid any kind of damage to the exterior finish of the car. In places that have tropical climates, the car will need proper protection from the sun. Due to harsh weather, the exterior paint can fade and crack. By using a car cover, you will prevent the photo-degradation of your vehicle’s finish. You can never underestimate the many advantages and usefulness of using a full fabric cover over your car.

  • 7. Prevent Theft

    No car owners would want others to see what is underneath or inside the car. This is for security or personal reasons.

    One of the key advantages of using a car body cover is to discourage thieves from breaking into your car. When your car is fully covered, it acts as a deterrent for thieves or criminal elements. It discourages thieves to even come closer to your vehicle. In addition to using a full car body cover, you should also add a lock and a cable to enhance the security of the car.

Warning: Do Not Buy the Wrong Car Cover!

So, you have now fully understood the kind of advantages using covers can bring to your car. The next thing you will want to do is go and buy a car body cover, right? Well, never buy the wrong car cover.

If you end up buying a wrong or low-quality car cover, you will fail to get the advantages that we discussed above. If the cover is made from 100% waterproof material, it will create issues. The material should be such that it keeps water and moisture off but it also allows water and moisture trapped inside to escape. The fabric should be breathable. At the same time, you need to buy a cover that is an ideal for the size of your vehicle. Wrong fit or loose covers may cause scratches on the surface of the car as well as on the car window glasses. As a result of this damage, you may need to go for an auto windshield repair service or seek mobile car window repair or mobile auto glass replacement services.

To find out more about car covers and get a high quality full car cover, feel free to get in touch with one of our experts at Sir Auto Glass. You can reach out to us in Portland, Oregon City, Hillsboro, Beaverton etc.

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A high-quality, perfect fit car cover will give you many advantages. A full car cover will not protect your vehicle from a wide range of elements and harsh weather, but it will also help you save money in the long run. If you have a question to ask or look for a windscreen scratch repair and mobile windshield replacement service, head straight to Sir Auto Glass in the Portland Metro area. If you have a broken or cracked windshield, you can request a windshield replacement quote. Our expert technicians regularly repair and replace a wide range of auto glasses.

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