Windshield Repair Oregon City

Windshield repair is best tended to the moment the defect occurs. A tiny crack can quickly spread into a much larger crack, which is very unsafe. Cracked windshields can lead to driver distractions, and the crack can weaken the glass, making the windshield a potential liability in case of an accident. Fast windshield repair prevents cracks from spreading and improves safety for you and your passengers.

Automotive Windshield Repair in Oregon City

Sometimes a damaged windshield can warrant repair if it’s safe. But how do you know if it needs to be repaired or replaced? The professionals at SIR Glass can help you determine which is the safest and most cost-effective option.

We care about safety on the road which is why we offer repair for small cracks and scratches as well as a full windshield replacement for areas that cannot be repaired.

For more info read this article  When to Repair or Replace auto Glass Guide.

Even if you don’t have damage from flying debris, we can help you with leak issues from degraded seals or adhesives. With all the rain we get in the Oregon City area, it’s not smart to take chances with degraded windshield systems. Water can ruin the interior of your car just as rocks and debris can on the outside.

All services come with:

  • A free estimate.

  • Assistance determining and verifying deductibles, if applicable.

  • Premium grade urethane and resin.

  • Safety first recommendations.

  • Technicians who only suggest necessary repairs.

  • Same day services for chip and glass repairs.

All SIR Glass services are performed by proficient certified technicians.

Beware of repair strategies ranging from at home kits to uncertified “technicians” who claim to have the ability to repair massive cracks with questionable quality urethane.

Types of Cracked or Broken Auto Windshield

There are various situations that inflict damage upon automotive glasses. You can get the window glasses of your car shattered after a collision, even when you are driving at a low speed. The impact from a collision exerts pressure on the windows, which results in the shattering of glasses. A car’s glasses can get damaged due to vandalism or an attempt to break into the car. Another very common reason which can shatter or chip the window glasses of a car is debris impact. You’re driving on the road and a small stone suddenly kicks up and hits your car on the windshield or the side windows, causing the auto glasses to crack.

There are also some rare cases where the automotive glasses get shattered due to thermal pressure. If you leave your car in a hot climate for far too long, excessive heat can cause shatters in the glasses.

Whether your car is parked or while you’re driving, damages to the windshield can occur anytime. However, each chip or crack is not the same. There are multiple types of damages and experienced windshield technicians know quite well how to address each one of them. The auto windshield has a well-crafted, specially engineered design which can get a crack or chip in multiple ways.

Windshield leaks can be repaired as well. Our procedure involves a leak test; checking for clogs or damage in seals around the glass and offering repair for leaks located in one or two areas.

At this point, we inject a sealer (a small bead of urethane, 1/8” in diameter) around the general area. If there are leaks in more than two locations, we will suggest a removal and installation of new windshield and seals.

Repair services generally apply to:

  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Scratches
  • Seal Leaks
  • Obscured Vision
  • Glass Hazing
  • Pitting
  • Wiper Burn

Our Mobile Services Can Fix Your Windshield in Oregon City

Driving across town can prove hectic these days, which is why we’re happy to drive to you! You don’t have to be home for the appointment either; if it’s more convenient to meet at your office, we can certainly schedule you during normal business hours.

Mobile glass repair involves the same quality standards as our shop repair services. Each mobile glass technician is certified and equipped with parts to fix seal leaks as well as small glass cracks and chips. No matter what, we always use Sika Urethane products. This brand cures in just one hour, allowing you to drive away safely with minimal wait time.

What to Look for In an Auto Glass Repair Company

You have many choices when it comes to repairing your windshield. You should look for an auto glass service that puts your satisfaction first and one that has all of the following qualities.


We stand behind every one of our windshield crack repairs. We take the time to prepare, inject, and cure the chip until the defect is completely fixed. When you drive away, you will have a safer windshield, guaranteed. 


The auto glass service you choose should use commercial grade products that won’t let you down. Sir Auto Glass works with top brands to deliver excellence with every auto glass repair. We use the same products on your vehicle that we use on ours. 


We can assess your chip or crack to deliver the top-level workmanship you expect. We back every repair project up with our satisfaction guarantee and promise to make any issue you may have with our service right. We put customers first, which means we make your ultimate satisfaction our top priority. 


If you have a crack in your windshield, driving your vehicle may not be safe. But just for convenience’s sake, call Sir Auto Glass and we can come to your location for your convenience. Want us to repair your cracked windshield at work or home? We are only a phone call away and can come to you no matter where you happen to be. That’s how mobile glass repair should be!

Benefits of Our Mobile Auto Glass Service 

In addition to a windshield that is defect-free once more, choosing Sir Auto Glass for your auto glass repair is a wise move. Here are just some of the benefits you can enjoy by becoming one of our loyal customers. 

Mobile Service at No Extra Charge

One of the prime benefits of calling Sir Auto Glass for mobile windshield crack repair is that we never charge extra for the trip. That means we can come to your work or home, or anywhere else, to provide you with fast auto glass crack repair. 

Call us to schedule auto glass repair for any make or model in Oregon City, Hillsboro, Beaverton and portland.