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Windshield Repair Oregon City

Automotive Windshield Repair in Oregon City

Sometimes a damaged windshield can warrant repair if it’s safe. But how do you know if it needs to be repaired or replaced? The professionals at SIR Glass can help you determine which is the safest and most cost-effective option.

Windshield Repair and Replacement

We care about safety on the road which is why we offer repair for small cracks and scratches as well as a full windshield replacement for areas that cannot be repaired.

Even if you don’t have damage from flying debris, we can help you with leak issues from degraded seals or adhesives. With all the rain we get in the Oregon City area, it’s not smart to take chances with degraded windshield systems. Water can ruin the interior of your car just as rocks and debris can on the outside.

All services come with:

  • A free estimate.

  • Assistance determining and verifying deductibles, if applicable.

  • Premium grade urethane and resin.

  • Safety first recommendations.

  • Technicians who only suggest necessary repairs.

  • Same day services for chip and glass repairs.

All SIR Glass services are performed by proficient certified technicians.

Beware of repair strategies ranging from at home kits to uncertified “technicians” who claim to have the ability to repair massive cracks with questionable quality urethane.

Windshield leaks can be repaired as well. Our procedure involves a leak test; checking for clogs or damage in seals around the glass and offering repair for leaks located in one or two areas.

At this point, we inject a sealer (a small bead of urethane, 1/8” in diameter) around the general area. If there are leaks in more than two locations, we will suggest a removal and installation of new windshield and seals.

Repair services generally apply to:

  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Scratches
  • Seal Leaks
  • Obscured Vision
  • Glass Hazing
  • Pitting
  • Wiper Burn

Our Mobile Services Can Fix Your Windshield in Oregon City

Driving across town can prove hectic these days, which is why we’re happy to drive to you! You don’t have to be home for the appointment either; if it’s more convenient to meet at your office, we can certainly schedule you during normal business hours.

Mobile glass repair involves the same quality standards as our shop repair services. Each mobile glass technician is certified and equipped with parts to fix seal leaks as well as small glass cracks and chips. No matter what, we always use Sika Urethane products. This brand cures in just one hour, allowing you to drive away safely with minimal wait time.

Call us to schedule auto glass repair for any make or model.

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