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Auto Glass Service in Portland

We’ve all felt the heart-fluttering sensation as a rock hits the windshield. Cracks splinter outwards and now your vehicle may be in violation of the law. You want fast and affordable auto glass repair that Portland trusts. That’s where the professionals at SIR Glass come in. You don’t have to come to us, because our mobile auto glass installation and repair technicians come to you.

We’ll come to your rescue.

Auto Glass Portland

Mobile auto glass services aren’t just for restoring your ability to see the road. Glass windshields are made up of three layers. The middle layer of plastic or vinyl is surrounded by an outer layer of glass on either side. This makes the windshield much safer. Once you suffer from a chip or worse, the safety of your windshield has been compromised. Repairs allow us to restore the safety of your windshield or replace it with a new one.

Portland Auto Glass Services

We don’t just work on windshields. Problems can happen with glass anywhere on a vehicle, and the longer you own it the more likely you’ll need it. These won’t always be as cut and dried as a chip or crack.

  • Restore your view with back glass replacement. For larger vehicles like vans, back glass is just as important as windshield auto glass. Drivers need an unobstructed view to stay safe. Our technicians properly size and seal rear glass on trunks, hatches, doors, truck backs, and more.
  • Make your vehicle whole with door glass replacement. One of the leading causes of broken windows is attempted vehicle break-ins. These don’t just leave your vehicle damaged, they make unwanted access much easier. We provide fast window replacements for a better protected vehicle.
  • Get properly sealed quarter glass replacements. Portland weather can affect seals over time. Quarter panels frequently lose their ability to keep out air and provide a proper seal. We use top of the line replacement glass, gaskets, and sealing methods for an air-tight seal.
  • Get affordable vent glass replacement. Vent glass is typically one of the more expensive replacement areas. We work with a number of manufacturers to get great pricing on vent glass. This allows us to pass on the savings, providing our customers with cost-effective vent glass repairs for all makes and models.

Get auto glass repair for every vehicle!

Whatever vehicle you have, we can often provide same day glass replacement service. Our technicians have the skills and glass to work on cars, vans, trucks, and heavy equipment. Using premium auto glass Portland vehicle owners get the highest quality materials and craftsmanship at a reasonable price.

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Our mobile auto glass services are available throughout Portland and Vancouver, WA. Wherever you are, when you’ve got auto glass damage, you’ve got a reliable glass repair company you can depend on. Don’t wait for the other guys, call us now at (503) 893-2825 or contact us today.

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