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The sound of debris hitting your windshield can be startling. Once you realize what happened you’re treated to a spreading crack or chip. These don’t just obscure your vision, they can actually be illegal to drive with. When you need on the spot help just call SIR Glass.

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In addition to our in-shop services, we can come to you. Our mobile auto glass unit makes an auto glass replacement or repair even more convenient. Windshields are more than glass. A layer of vinyl or plastic is sandwiched between two glass layers. This prevents shards from splashing inward, and helps keep debris from entering the cab. When this layer is compromised by damage it may not protect you when you need it. Keeping your loved ones and yourself safe is easy. Our technicians will com to you. We assess the damage, and can frequently perform on the spot work to get your auto glass back to full protection and functionality.

Gresham Auto Glass Services

  • Get a crystal clear view with a back glass replacement. Long and large vehicles like vans and buses can be dangerous. Damaged glass can obscure your view of environmental hazards and pedestrians. Our technicians can repair these by sizing and installing new rear door glass, windows, hatch glass, truck back glass and more.
  • Door glass replacement right away. Door glass can’t always wait. Break-ins are a frequent cause and leave your vehicle exposed. Without new windows your car can be damaged by the elements, animals, or people. We get there quickly and can provide on-site repairs to restore protective integrity.
  • Get freshly sealed quarter glass replacement. With auto glass, Gresham weather can take a toll on gasket seals. Heat and exposure can cause them to degrade. This allows air to move freely around quarter glass. Our technicians can re-seal these areas and replace damage panes for better heating and cooling in the cabin.
  • Get affordable vent glass replacement. Vent glass is often custom fitted for specific vehicles. This can make it more expensive to replace. By working with a wide range of manufacturers we can get discounted panes and pass the savings on. Don’t put off repairs any longer.

Get auto glass for any vehicle!

Whatever you love to drive, we can often perform same day glass replacement services. Our technicians have the experience and required skills to work on buses, heavy equipment, cars, vans, trucks, and much more. We use premium auto glass Gresham vehicle owners can see the difference in. Paired with our high quality craftsmanship and affordable pricing—SIR Glass is proud to be your auto glass service center.

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Windshields are damaged with much greater frequency than other vehicle glass. This doesn’t mean other areas won’t be affected. Cracks, breaks, chips, and other damage can impact safety on any side of your vehicle. Damage makes it hard to see pedestrians and other cars. It may also allow natural elements like water to seep in and ruin the inside of your vehicle. We can repair or replace:

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Our mobile auto glass services are available in all of Gresham. Right when the damage occurs, wherever you are, you’ve got a reliable glass repair company nearby. Don’t wait. Call now (503) 862-9490 or contact us today.

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