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Your Free Mobile Auto Glass Service Provider

There’s no reason to pay more than you have to for auto glass service. Many companies charge a “convenience fee”, “mobile fee”, or other addition to the bill when they come to you. Whatever they call it, the outcome is the same—a higher bill at the end of service. Auto glass services are a safety necessity, not a convenience, and that’s why at SIR Glass we always provide free mobile auto glass services in Portland.

Our mobile service covers the entire Portland Metro area. When you need help we’re just around the bend.

Our mobile services are free of charge. Never pay extra for auto glass services that come to you.


What mobile services do we offer?

When you call on the certified technicians at SIR Glass you get the same great service we offer in shop. Our mobile fleet is fully stocked and we perform our full complement of glass replacement and repair services. That takes convenience to a whole new level. Get auto glass services at work, at home, or wherever you are!

We can repair or replace:

  • Windshields
  • Back glass panels
  • Quarter glass panels
  • Front door glass
  • Rear door glass
  • Hatch glass

What does free mobile auto glass service mean for you?

It means you never have to pay extra when you need service now. We understand that broken, chipped, cracked, and hazy auto glass is never a convenience. It can obscure your vision, affect driver safety, and impact your vehicle’s ability to securely store your personal effects.

You shouldn’t be charged extra for peace of mind. We can come to you anywhere in the greater Portland Metro area even if you need service in a rest area, parking lot, or other safely accessible roadside area.

Windshield Crack Repair Portland

Fast Curing Sealants and Industry Leading Service

We use sealants designed to cure quickly. That can put you safely back on the road in as little as an hour. Our technicians are certified and can replace windshields on trucks, cars, foreign vehicles, and domestic vehicles.

Glass problems we repair include:

  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Scratches
  • Seal Leaks
  • Obscured Vision
  • Glass Hazing
  • Pitting
  • Wiper Burn
  • And More

Contact us for free mobile auto glass services today!

The best way to stay safe on the road is to repair your auto glass as soon as possible. Don’t risk accidents, tickets, and further damage. Chips can quickly turn into cracks if they aren’t repaired, and small cracks can easily grow. Damage like hazing can be even worse at night and in the rain. With our mobile service you can get glass replacements and repairs in Portland anytime, anywhere. Don’t wait. Call or contact us today.


Windshield Replacement Portland

We also provide mobile auto glass services to: