Windshield Repair in Beaverton

Over the last decade, the auto glass industry has come a long way. Old methods have given way to advanced repairing techniques. Earlier, a damaged windshield had to be replaced with a new one altogether. Today, a wide range of chips and cracks in the windshield of a car can be repaired within an hour while keeping the structural integrity of the vehicle intact. Getting a new windshield can be expensive, but car windshield repair services are both affordable and long-lasting.

If the windshield of your car has cracked or shattered due to collision or another reason, you shouldn’t leave it unattended for too long. Since getting a repair is easier than ever, you should get this problem fixed as quickly as you can to keep yourself and your family safe against safety hazards while driving.

Low-Cost Windshield Repair by Reputable Technicians.

Time and cost are the number one barriers between drivers seeking windshield repair and getting safer cars back on the road. SIR Glass helps remove those barriers by offering affordable windshield repair with quick turnaround times. Many of our customers have even used our mobile services to have a windshield fixed at their workplace. This is especially convenient for the many drivers who commute to Beaverton every day.

How We Keep Repairs Affordable.

Our services are fairly priced. We give free estimates and regularly offer specials and discounts to our customers. Additionally, we work with all auto insurance companies so you don’t have to worry about prices out-of-pocket. Most insurance companies will pay for the cost of repairs as long as the deductible has been met. We’ve also learned how to shortcut their processes and get coverage verified within minutes. Fast service means that costs stay low. We have the tools and methods dialed-in so we can offer smooth, same-day repair services for the job.

A majority of repairs are performed incorrectly due to companies cutting corners. Our technicians are well-versed with the latest technologies and computerized equipment. They can handle a job the same day the customer makes the appointment. We take quality seriously because we take safety seriously. And proper repair prevents more expensive problems from developing later.

Professional Service From Certified Windshield Installers.

Our staff goes through a minimum of 3-months’ on-the-job training with an experienced technician. Their proficiency is evaluated by accuracy before speed. We also require classroom training and a written examination for every urethane manufacturer that we use. This includes understanding the technical details involved in proper adhesion of urethane to glass and other surfaces. Only proper techniques can ensure adhesion. The course also includes leak prevention training for specific urethane types, leak diagnosis and prognosis, and required primers and activators to be used on each windshield.

Windshield Crack and Chip Repair That Puts Your Safety First.

If the damage is not widespread enough to require a replacement, our repair services ensure that you can return to safe, legal driving. Though it’s possible to continue driving for years with a chipped windshield, it’s not advisable.

In Oregon, damage that obstructs the driver’s line of sight is against the law, and understandably so! A chipped windshield can weaken the entire panel if it’s deep enough. Secondly, a cracked windshield can obscure visibility not only of the road but of pedestrians and other vehicles.

For more info read this article,  When to Repair or Replace auto Glass Guide.

How We Determine Whether Damage is Safe to Repair.

Repair services are available if:

  • The crack is shallow and short enough to fix properly.
  • The auto glass crack or chip is along the perimeter of the glass.
  • The crack has not recently been exposed to liquid.
  • The damage is not touching the exterior edges of the windscreen.
  • The crack isn’t obscuring the driver’s line of sight.

The cost of fixing a windshield rock chip or crack is always lower than a replacement. However, it’s important to consider safety when deciding to repair damage using industrial strength resin. Professional glass repair shops will be cautious by default and can consider a three-inch crack a good reason to replace the entire windshield, whereas some companies with lower standards will attempt to repair the crack with questionable methods.

Our installers know that auto glass repair is a serious matter. Even though the industry does not require it, all of our employees are certified and rigorously trained to look at details and diligently follow every step to prep, seal, and repair your auto glass. Our customers trust us to consistently make the right call. We will always offer the lowest price possible as long as it means we get you back on the road safely.


Windshield repairs costs WITHOUT INSURANCE


$65first chip *
  • *First chip up to 3 inches long


$75first chip *
  • *First chip up to 3 inches long

Major types of windshield damages are as follows:

Bull’s Eye

 Many times, a stray stone or pebble suddenly hits the windshield while you are driving. Also known as a chip, this type of damage looks like a bull’s eye, hence the name. The windshield breaks in a way that a small portion of the glass is lacking from the very center. If you look at the chip from inside the vehicle, it appears like a dark circle with a strong center of impact.

Star Break

This looks like a star or small X, which has a central impact point from where diverge multiple lines of cracks.

Half Moon

When a small stone or pebble hits the windshield, the damage can appear in the shape of a half moon. This type of chip is similar to a bull’s eye with the only exception that the circle is not complete.


A chip and a crack are two different things. While a chip refers to damage done only to the outer layer of the windshield, a crack means the damage reaches across both the layers of the glass. There are various causes that can lead to cracks in the glasses of a car. Cracks in the windshield need immediate attention, otherwise they can spread further across the glass.

Combination Break

When the car windshield breaks in a way that it has both chips and cracks at a time, it is termed as a combination break. For example, getting a bull’s eye along with a star break is a combination break.

Though most types of chips and cracks are now repairable, the windshield technician will know better whether a particular type of windshield damage can be repaired. There are certain criteria which the technician follows to determine whether a repair is the best thing to do. These factors include size, depth and location of the damage. Small chips or cracks in the windshield can be usually repaired whereas larger chips might need a replacement service from the technician.

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Auto Glass Services

We’ve all had a shock as a rock hits the windshield. Cracks spiderweb outwards, and now you start wondering wether or not there are any police around. A clear windshield provides more benefits than just being legal though. That’s why you need a swift and affordable source for auto glass Beaverton drivers can depend on. That’s where SIR Glass shines. Our mobile auto glass repair and replacement technicians perform on-site work wherever you are.

Mobile auto glass service does more than clear your view. Windshields don’t just protect from the elements. They are designed to provide safety from impact, including that of shattering glass. A layer of plastic on the inside of 2 glass layers keeps shrapnel contained. A crack in your windshield can affect the safety of the auto glass Beaverton customers rely on to keep their families and themselves protected. Our technicians perform repairs that restore safety, or replace your entire windshield when necessary.

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

We don’t just fix and replace windshields. Glass problems can happen on any windowed area on your vehicle. The longer you’ve been driving, the more likely you’ll eventually need glass repair. These won’t always be as simple as a small chip or crack.

  • Backup in safety with back glass replacement. Larger vehicles need a clear line of sight to the back in order to be safe. Damaged windows can drastically affect this. Our technicians size glass and install rear glass on doors, hatches, trunks, truck backs, and more.
  • Restore your vehicle with door glass replacement. Break-ins frequently leave broken windows in their wake. This damage makes it easy for unwanted entry to continue, weather damage, animals to get in, and more. We can perform same day auto glass window replacement, and restore your protection.
  • Get thoroughly sealed quarter glass replacements. With auto glass, Beaverton weather can damage seals in time. Quarter panels with poor gaskets allow in/out air flow. This reduces the effectiveness of heating and cooling year round. We use high quality replacement gaskets, sealing methods, and glass.
  • Your source for affordable vent glass replacement. Because it is typically custom shaped and tempered, vent glass can be costly. We work with manufacturers to get reduced pricing on vent glass. This allows us to lower our costs, providing auto glass Beaverton customers rely on for affordable vent glass repairs.

Get auto glass repair for every vehicle!

Whatever you drive, we can typically provide same day glass replacement service. Our technicians are experienced working on heavy equipment, cars, vans, trucks, and buses. We use premium auto glass Beaverton vehicle owners can rely on. When paired with our great pricing and craftsmanship—SIR Glass is proud to deliver the best.

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Our mobile auto glass services are available across all of Beaverton. Whatever the damage, wherever you need service, we’re the glass repair company you can rely on.