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Car auto glass repair in Portland doesn’t have to be a multi-day trial. Whether you’re at home, on the road, or visiting a shop, you want fast service. The right technicians can do it, and the best company hires the best techs. That’s who we employ at SIR Glass. Our car glass technicians are trained, certified, and equipped for mobile glass repair on the road and in-house repair at our facility.

Car Auto Glass Repair Portland
  • Glass repair technicians aren’t required to have certifications. We only employ technicians that do.
  • The right company can make all the difference. Get 100% satisfaction guaranteed auto glass repairs and replacements from our certified technicians.

Get quality automotive glass repair from start to finish.

Get certified auto glass repairs.

There is no industry standard for technicians. Anyone can make that claim which can lead to a hack job on your vehicle. Our technicians are professionally trained. They perform best in practice methods when prepping glass, applying sealant, placing windshields, and repairing chips. They have a thorough knowledge of our products and are proud to work for a company that rewards excellence.

The quality of your auto glass in Portland depends entirely upon the company you choose. At SIR Glass we take the required steps to ensure quality assurance. From our certified technicians to our premium grade products, you’ll experience the difference from start to finish.

  • A lifetime No Leak Guarantee on glass replacement.

  • Help figuring out and verifying your insurance deductibles.

  • The use of premium grade glass and materials.

  • Free estimates and a wide variety of discounts.

  • Technicians that only suggest necessary repairs.

  • Same day service for all glass and chip repairs.

We correctly prepare our materials and your vehicle.

Whether you need a chip repair or a whole windshield replacement, prep work is key. Bonding agents cannot be mixed. That means any area where a sealant is used must be completely cleaned. Our technicians take the time to remove rust and actually prepare your vehicle for the work ahead. This creates a tight fit, dependable bond, and saves you additional work later.

Only the best materials are used.

We only use commercial grade products. Our adhesive agents, gaskets, and windshields are the same ones we use on our own vehicles. Using better products elevates the quality of our work. It doesn’t take additional time, and our factory direct sourcing keeps our pricing competitive. Don’t settle for less.

Auto Glass Repair for your Vehicle

A cracked or shattered window glass is not uncommon. It can happen to any car owner anytime, whether the car is parked or during traveling. Whatever may be the reason for damage, you should never ignore it. The window glass provides safety to the occupants of the car. If the glasses of your car have chipped or cracked, it is actually a safety hazard. As soon as you have a shattered window glass, you should seek the services of a car glass repair company.

Many car owners ignore damages to the automotive glasses just because they think the crack is too small to worry about.

Automotive glasses are specially designed to provide safety to occupants while driving. Even if your car is in the garage or parked somewhere outside, the windshield and the side windows keep your car secured. But once the glasses of a car are damaged, it exposes you to a variety of risks.

SIR Auto Glass provides Auto Glass Repair service in Portland, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Oregon City and more.

Common Causes of Automotive Glass Damage

Here are a few situations that can cause damage to your automotive glass. Many people don’t realize that your auto glass can shatter even if you are traveling at lower speeds. The impact from a crash can put immense pressure on your windshield and other windows, which can result in the glass shattering. A car’s auto glass can get damaged from vandalism and from people trying to break into your car. Another common reason for auto glass chips and shattering is debris coming into contact with the glass.

You’re driving along, minding your own business, when a stone or rock flies up and hits your windshield or side glass. This can cause a crack, which can worsen over time. Then there are the rare cases where the auto glass shatters due to extreme heat or cold. If you leave your car in a hot climate for too long, the excessive heat can cause the auto glass to shatter completely.

For more information read  Types of Windshield and Rear Auto Glass Damage for Portland Area Drivers .

Repair or Replacement: What’s the Best Option for My Car?

After window glasses of a car have chipped or cracked, the first question which comes to the mind of a car owner is – “Should I get the car glass repaired or replaced altogether. This is a valid question because an auto glass repair service and an auto glass replacement service are meant to address different needs, and it is important that you’re well-informed.

If you have shattered or chipped auto glasses, expert technicians from SIR Glass will evaluate the extent of damage and then suggest you either a repair or a replacement, whichever suits your case best.

Our certified professionals will assess the damage based on:

Size: Chips that measure more than ⅜ inch and cracks which are larger than 3 inches need auto glass replacement. However, there are some exceptions to this criteria, and so evaluation will be required.

Location: Whether you need auto window repair or replacement also depends on the exact location of the damage. For example, if a crack is located right in the line of your sight, a replacement should be a better option. Feel confident that our professionals will closely assess the damage and recommend only the best solution for your case so that you don’t have to face problems further.

Timespan: If a crack or a chip in the window glasses is left unaddressed for too long, it gathers dirt and repair service becomes difficult. In such cases, our technicians will go for an auto glass replacement, instead of repair.

For more information read  When to Repair or Replace auto Glass Guide.

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Don’t let an uncertified technician take you for a ride. Getting windshield crack repair as soon as possible is your best opportunity to prevent the need for a full replacement. Have the work done by our certified car glass repair technicians who do the kind of job that keeps you and your passengers safe. Choose quality, get peace of mind, and stay protected with SIR Glass. We can come to you, so call or contact us today and get moving.