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Car Auto Glass Repair Portland

Your same-day auto glass repair in Portland!

Car auto glass repair in Portland doesn’t have to be a multi-day trial. Whether you’re at home, on the road, or visiting a shop, you want fast service. The right technicians can do it, and the best company hires the best techs. That’s who we employ at SIR Glass. Our car glass technicians are trained, certified, and equipped for mobile glass repair on the road and in-house repair at our facility.

Glass repair technicians aren’t required to have certifications. We only employ technicians that do.

The right company can make all the difference. Get 100% satisfaction guaranteed auto glass repairs and replacements from our certified technicians.

Get quality repairs from start to finish.

Get certified auto glass repairs. There is no industry standard for technicians. Anyone can make that claim which can lead to a hack job on your vehicle. Our technicians are professionally trained. They perform best in practice methods when prepping glass, applying sealant, placing windshields, and repairing chips. They have a thorough knowledge of our products and are proud to work for a company that rewards excellence.

  • A lifetime No Leak Guarantee on glass replacement.

  • Assistance determining and verifying deductibles.

  • The use of premium grade glass and materials.

  • Free estimates and a wide variety of discounts.

  • Technicians that only suggest necessary repairs.

  • Same day services for chip and glass repairs.

Contact us today.

Don’t let an uncertified technician take you for a ride. Getting windshield crack repair as soon as possible is your best opportunity to prevent the need for a full replacement. Have the work done by our certified car glass repair technicians who do the kind of job that keeps you and your passengers safe. Choose quality, get peace of mind, and stay protected with SIR Glass. We can come to you, so call or contact us today and get moving.

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