Windshield Replacement Wilsonville

Windshield Replacement in Wilsonville

Drivers may not have thought of all the excellent reasons to get windshield replacement in Wilsonville. Windshield damage isn’t always apparent. Sometimes visibility is only reduced at night. Gasket problems may not be noticed until a leak has damaged the interior. Waiting on windshield repair only allows these problems to get worse. Don’t wait until a problem grows beyond your windshield or affects your ability to safely operate a vehicle. High quality glass and warrantied work come from SIR Glass. Isn’t time you gave your car the royal treatment?

Get a windshield replacement wherever you are!

Windshield Replacement Wilsonville

We don’t limit your ability to get the windshield replacement Wilsonville vehicles need. If you can’t make it into one of our local locations, we’ll come to you. Our windshield technicians can replace your windshield almost anywhere. Whether you need an emergency replacement or just don’t want to leave home, we can provide your vehicle with all of these benefits.

  • Restored protection from damage. Windshields are not a single pane. They are typically constructed of two glass panes with a plastic or acrylic layer in between them. This layer serves several purposes. It holds on to shattered glass in the event of a break. It also helps to absorb impact and prevent objects from entering the cab. A damaged windshield may compromise this layer. The wrong impact can break it entirely. Our replacement windshields are new and ready to protect.
  • Restore complete visibility. Even when damage doesn’t directly obscure your vision it can have a major impact. Refraction at night can cause halos and bright flashes due to even light scratches. Hazing can cause light to splay out and create a visible barrier. Rain can make this even more dangerous. A new windshield provides a crystal clear view.
  • Restore a legal windshield. The laws on obstructed windshields in Wilsonville aren’t concrete. This makes it a gamble to drive with window damage. It may also increase the chance you will be pulled over for an otherwise excusable infraction. Why take the risk when we can replace your windshield?

Your Warrantied Windshield Replacement!

Every windshield replacement company offers a warranty but that doesn’t make them all equal. We guarantee that if your windshield installation was covered by insurance and you suffer from an installation related leak, we will reimburse you with $100 or a $100 Visa gift card. We can make that promise because we believe in the quality of our workmanship.

Our windshield replacement technicians are highly skilled, trained, and experienced. They know how to work with every vehicle type, and we only supply them with high-quality components. From strong and clear window glass to long lasting sealants and tightly fitting gaskets, our windshields are installed to last. You deserve a windshield replacement Wilsonville drivers trust to protect their health, drivability, and vehicle. Don’t accept anything less with SIR Glass.

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Make us your one-call windshield replacement solution in Wilsonville. Wherever we’re needed, whatever you’re driving, our technicians are equipped and ready to replace windshields on trucks, vans, cars, and more. Call (503) 862-9490 or contact us today!

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