Windshield Repair in Lake Oswego

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No one likes to hear the “smack!” of a rock slamming against their windshield while driving on the highway. And while this is scary and unfortunate, we are lucky to have a reliable shield in between us and flying debris.

So, whether it’s a flying rock or a view-obstructing scratch, the certified technicians at SIR Glass can help with fast, affordable windshield repair service for Lake Oswego residents.

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Is There Windshield Crack Repair Near Me?

Nobody plans ahead for fixing windshields. These things happen suddenly and are often repaired soon after. So we understand that it’s not always possible to schedule a trip to our shop. We offer mobile glass services for this very reason. Furthermore, a damaged windshield can obscure the driver’s vision, making highway travel a dangerous endeavor.

Once the top layer of glass is damaged, the windshield’s structural integrity is compromised. When the glass continues to crack, the strength of the glass decreases further, which in-turn increases the likelihood of the glass shattering completely. While there is yet to be widespread use of unbreakable windshield glass, the windshield of a traditional automobile is remarkably strong. It is made from three layers — two panels of safety glass held together by a layer of lamination. This technology creates a “sticky” effect, preventing the glass from raining down on passengers in standard collisions.

If your windshield is damaged, don’t risk a journey to us, we are more than happy to bring all the services of our shop to you. Our mobile technicians are the same trained and certified professionals who take care of customers day-to-day at our in-house location.

The same in-shop guarantees apply to our mobile services. They include:

  • A no-leak guarantee for as long as you own your vehicle
  • On-site, on-time mobile repair of small windshield chips and cracks
  • Scratch removal
  • Seal leak repair
  • Glass hazing and wiper burn removal
  • Assistance determining insurance deductibles

Call our shop for these services, or if you just have windshield repair questions!

When to Get Windshield Chip or Crack Repair Services.

Avoid the risks of cheap auto glass repair. We keep our windshield repair costs affordable and work with all insurance companies.

Repair services are available if:

  • The crack is short and shallow enough to fix safely.
  • The crack or chip is on the outside of the glass.
  • The crack has not recently been exposed to water.
  • The damage does not touch the edges of the windshield.
  • The crack does not obscure the driver’s line of sight.

A cracked windshield can cause leakage which leads to interior and electrical damage.

Don’t hesitate to address cracked or scratched auto glass. Call us for windshield repair that comes to you!

Why Should I Choose SIR Glass for Auto Glass Repair?

Some of our competitor’s craftsmanship is sub-par; leading to things like distortions around the edges of the glass. At SIR Glass, we only use products and methods that meet industry standards. For example, we use high-quality materials including 1000psi-strength Sika Mach 60 urethane as our adhesive. These glues dry within 20 minutes, which helps keep your wait time short.

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The seals we use have water-channeling abilities and are designed to withstand rainy conditions. Our moldings are flexible, durable, and temperature resistant. Additionally, our seals last longer than other brands. Furthermore, we are glad to offer free estimates and online quotes for all of our services.

If your windshield can be safely repaired, we won’t move forward with a replacement. Our technicians will only provide necessary services and their dedication to customer service involves a wide array of benefits, including the ability to listen and ensure that customers leave happy.

Our customers rely on our easy scheduling — we frequently provide services for customers on their lunch break! And our five-star online reviews attest to a record of friendliness and transparency throughout the entire repair process.

Contact Us for Windshield Repair! Our Service Area Includes Lake Oswego!