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Most drivers don’t think about auto glass until it fails in some way. We’ve all been startled by a flying rock colliding with our windshield, only to realize afterward how strong windshield glass really is! Rock chip repair is often escalated to require an entire windshield replacement but our technicians at SIR Glass can help you determine when a repair is sufficient.

We’re Available Wherever You Need Us.

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Whether you just don’t feel like fighting traffic or your vehicle is non-operational, we can come to you! Our mobile services are available all over the Wilsonville area and surrounding cities. Call us for more details about how our mobile services can help you.

We understand how busy schedules can make trips to the repair shop a hassle. Furthermore, we know that windshield repair doesn’t always mean cracked glass. Vehicles in the area suffer from a lot of rain and gunk from moisture which can cause seals to break down and leak. Driving to a shop in the rain can exacerbate existing leaks, leading to a mess of dashboards and upholstery. Get reliable windshield repair with our fully-equipped mobile services and get back on the road.

Why Our Service Stands Out.

  • We use high-quality materials including 1000psi-strength Sika Mach 60 urethane as our adhesive.
  • Our glues dry within 20 minutes, which helps keep wait times to a minimum.
  • Our replacement moldings are malleable, durable, and temperature resistant. Their water-channeling abilities are designed for effectiveness and longevity.
  • We offer free estimates and online quotes for all of our services.

We hire only certified glass techs in an industry with no certification requirement.

Don’t leave your rock chip repair in the hands of amateurs! Call our highly trained and certified technicians today!

Auto Glass Repair Versus Windshield Replacement.

Sometimes a repair is all you need. But it’s best to let a professional examine the chip or crack before settling on one or the other. We can offer repairs for:

  • Seal leaks
  • Small cracks and scratches
  • Glass hazing
  • Pitting
  • Wiper burn
  • Small rock chips

Does Windshield Repair Work?

The short answer? Yes! But it’s important to consider safety when choosing to repair or replace a windshield. Professional glass repair shops will err on the side of caution and consider a deep dime-sized rock-chip a good reason to replace the entire windshield, whereas some companies with lower standards will attempt to repair the chip with questionable methods.

Our trained, certified, and experienced windshield installers know that auto glass repair is a serious matter. Even though the industry does not require it, all of our employees are certified and rigorously trained to look at details and diligently follow every step to prep, seal, and repair your auto glass. Our customers trust us to consistently make the right call.

See our page on “hack-jobs” for more information on how to protect your vehicle from these services.

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