Auto Glass Insurance

Deductible Verification

If you’re like 97% of Americans, you’re busy. Now you have a broken windshield to take care of on top of all your other responsibilities and you think you remember something about your auto insurance sometimes covering the cost in part or in full of windshield replacements. Except you don’t know where to start.

We can help guide the process along from Step 1, verifying your glass coverage with your insurance company and Step 2, helping you setup the glass claim with them. We do this many times a day with every insurance company. Often times when you call your insurance company’s customer service line to have an agent or rep just look at your coverage, they automatically try to tell you that they cannot do that and then transfer you over to their Glass Claims team, but they can only verify coverage if you setup a claim. You can find yourself getting bounced back and forth with no answer after 43 minutes. Trust us, we’ve done it! But we’ve also learned how to shortcut their processes and get coverage verified within minutes.

There is absolutely no risk involved in the first step at all, it is simply an inquiry into the coverage itself. Also, some companies have a separate glass deductible aside from your comprehensive coverage that will either fully cover your glass replacement or lower your deductible for glass related damage to something lower than your normal comprehensive deductible.

We can assist you in verifying your coverage and we have had many instances where a customer assumed they had a $500 deductible, yet allowed us to help verify just in case and discovered that they had a $0 deductible all along. And they had waited over a year to replace their windshield because of it! Please call us with any questions on this.

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