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Lifetime Warranty

Windshield Repair Warranty

Since we are repairing already broken glass and attempting to prevent it from further spreading, it is not guaranteed to hold and sometimes the crack still spreads. This happens less than 1% of the time and in this event, we will credit any and all payments made for the repair toward your cost for a new windshield. If you paid for the repair and your insurance will not help with the cost of a new windshield, we will credit your cost for repair toward your cost for the replacement. If you paid for the repair and you only have to pay a deductible, we will credit your repair payment toward your deductible payment. If your insurance company paid for the repair and you have a deductible or you must pay out of pocket, we will credit the amount from the insurance toward your deductible. If your insurance company paid for the repair and you have a $0 deductible for glass, there will be no credit.

Windshield Replacement Warranty

Every windshield and tempered glass replacement comes with a lifetime warranty against defects in the glass, leaks, stress cracks and anything caused by workmanship such as:

  • Interior damage
  • Paint Damage
  • Dents
  • Damaged or broken parts
  • Wrong glass part
Satisfaction guarantee
Windshield Repair and Replacement

In the event of a windshield leak, we will immediately come to your home or work at your earliest convenience to fix it. Our leak procedure is as follows:

  1. Perform a leak test to identify the leak location as there are other possible causes of water leaking into a vehicle. Other causes may include but are not limited to:
    1. A/C Drains becoming clogging and back draining into the passenger side floor board
    2. Sunroof/Moonroof Drains becoming clogged and draining down the top of the windshield
    3. Cowling area becoming clogged, draining collected water into the passenger side
    4. Rusted pinchweld beyond repair. Our windshield installation warranty will not apply to heavily rusted vehicles. We will advise you to take it to a body shop.
  2. If leak is in 1-2 locations, we will inject a sealer (small bead of urethane, 1/8” in diameter) around the general area.

  3. If leak is in multiple locations (more than 2 or 3), we will perform a full removal and replacement. In this procedure we will reuse the windshield we initially installed, assuming removal is without any damage, and we will completely trim, clean and prep both the windshield and the pinch weld (the part on the body of the car where the windshield is set), apply a fresh bead of urethane and set the windshield back in.
  4. If a leak on the same windshield happens again after these 3 steps and it is verified that the windshield is in fact leaking, we will obtain a new piece of glass, send a different technician out to re-replace your windshield and issue you a full refund of every dollar paid.

Certified Technicians

All of our technicians must go through a minimum of 3 months of on the job training with an experienced technician. Proficiency is determined by each trainer by how well they perform each step involved rather than by the cost or time involved. We also require classroom training and a written examination for every urethane manufacturer that we use. This includes understanding the science behind proper adhesion and bonding of urethane to glass and vehicle body and proper techniques to ensure adhesion every time. It also includes prevention of leaks for specific urethane types, leak diagnosis and prognosis, and required primers and activators to be used on each windshield.

Urethane Products

We primarily use Sika products as they have had the best overall crash test ratings and are the simplest to use. Other manufacturers such as Dow are good, they have great bonding qualities, but Sika has proven to be the best fit for us. Many other urethane brands have a complex set of conditions for safe drive away times, set times and full cure times involving a variety of parameters. These include temperature, humidity, elevation and there are frankly too many numbers to memorize for technicians on the go to think about. If the temperature is A and the humidity is B, at C elevation then I can let the customer drive the car at D time. With Sika’s products, the range is much broader to the point that unless the temperature is over 110 or below 0, there is no difference in safe drive away time. We use Sika MACH 60 which has a 1 hours safe drive away time.

Auto Glass


Our philosophy here at SIR Glass is that your windshield is the only barrier between you and the outside elements. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that your windshield be installed correctly the first time. An improperly installed windshield can have enormously dangerous consequences. People have died in collisions with other vehicles because the windshield was installed improperly and there are 2 main reasons for this.

First, if your seat belt fails or you fail to remember to buckle up, your windshield is the second line of defense against you being completely ejected out the front of the car in the event of a head on collision or a rollover. Although if the collisions is fast enough, without a seat belt, you’re still probably going straight through that. But the windshield should act as a buffer to crumble around you and serve as a guard to keep you inside the vehicle. Otherwise you’ll find yourself suddenly outside the car while it and you are both rolling. Between you and the car, the car wins if it rolls on you.

Second, your windshield acts as a structural support for your car also in the event of a rollover so that your car doesn’t completely cave in on you. If the bonding is not sufficient on, your windshield can fly right out of your vehicle and if your car rolls over it might have been the only thing keeping you or one of your loved ones alive, except it didn’t because you had it installed as cheap as possible.

Premium Parts

We make every attempt to only use glass manufactured by companies who also manufacture OEM glass. These are considered Original Equipment Equivalent, meaning they are not OEM but they meet the same quality safety standards as the OEM glass for your specific vehicle.

For example, if your windshield says Toyota PILKINGTON, that means Pilkington manufactured the glass part for your vehicle for Toyota. If we order your windshield from AGC who makes a lot of OEM glass for Honda, it will meet the same quality and safety standards as your Pilkington windshield did, just by a different company. These are considered Premium Aftermarket Glass products. This is the category between regular aftermarket and OEM, though they are still considered aftermarket, just a higher quality.

The major companies are Pilkington, PPG/PGW, AGC, FYG, AP Tech, United, Guardian, Carlite/Carlex, & Sekurit/Saint Gobain. Cheaper aftermarket companies are XYG, Benson & Crinamex are the main brands we stay far away from. Don’t worry, you don’t need to ask for these, we only use Premium aftermarket parts.

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Deductible Verification

If you’re like 97% of Americans, you’re busy. Now you have a broken windshield to take care of on top of all your other responsibilities and you think you remember something about your auto insurance sometimes covering the cost in part or in full of windshield replacements. Except you don’t know where to start.

We can help guide the process along from Step 1, verifying your glass coverage with your insurance company and Step 2, helping you setup the glass claim with them. We do this many times a day with every insurance company. Often times when you call your insurance company’s customer service line to have an agent or rep just look at your coverage, they automatically try to tell you that they cannot do that and then transfer you over to their Glass Claims team, but they can only verify coverage if you setup a claim. You can find yourself getting bounced back and forth with no answer after 43 minutes. Trust us, we’ve done it! But we’ve also learned how to shortcut their processes and get coverage verified within minutes.

There is absolutely no risk involved in the first step at all, it is simply an inquiry into the coverage itself. Also, some companies have a separate glass deductible aside from your comprehensive coverage that will either fully cover your glass replacement or lower your deductible for glass related damage to something lower than your normal comprehensive deductible.

For example, with GEICO, if your comprehensive deductible is $500 but you have Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, your deductible for glass will be lowered to $50. Farmers provides an optional Glass Deductible Buyback Program, lowering your glass deductible to $60, $100 or $120. Safeco, Progressive, and Country Financial have a Full Glass Coverage option, which means that even if your Comp deductible is $1000, your Glass deductible is $0.

We can assist you in verifying your coverage and we have had many instances where a customer assumed they had a $500 deductible, yet allowed us to help verify just in case and discovered that they had a $0 deductible all along. And they had waited over a year to replace their windshield because of it! Please call us with any questions on this.

Deductible Assistance

Since deductibles are paid to the shop directly, we reserve the right to either accept the full amount of your deductible, a partial amount or none of it, depending on your vehicle and your insurance company. We are able to do this by looking at the margin between what the insurance company will pay on your specific windshield part number and what our cost is at that point in time, since parts cost and availability are always changing.

Sometimes we can waive $25 or $50 off your deductible, other times we can waive $100 and in rare occasions we have been able to waive up to $300 off of a $500 deductible in order to lower the amount the customer needed to pay. They paid $200 rather than $350 by still going through insurance. Please call us for further details on this topic.

Free Mobile Service

We offer mobile auto glass installation at your location. At home or your office, any location convenient to you. At SIR Glass we want to elevate the standard of this industry to a higher level of excellence, quality and trustworthiness. And we have fun! If you need a windshield repair or auto glass replacement give us a call at (503) 862-9490 and we’ll come to you.

Same Day Service

Our technicians are well-versed in the latest technologies and computerized equipment and can handle a job the same day when an appointment is made. Nothing less than premium auto glass repairs and replacements. We take quality seriously because we take safety seriously. 70-80% of repairs and replacements are performed incorrectly due to companies cutting corners or a lack of training.

Free Estimate

Our service prices are fairly priced. We provide free estimates and offer valuable specials and discounts to our customers.

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