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What to Expect When Getting Your Rear Window Replaced by Portland Auto Glass Experts

When we talk about auto glass repair, most often, we are talking about the windshield. However, the rear windscreen also needs love, and sometimes needs to be repaired or replaced entirely.

The back windshield protects you from the elements and helps to maintain the integrity of the vehicle, similar to the front windscreen. And, like the front windshield, rear auto glass is critical to your car’s safety and proper function. 

If you feel that you might need to have your rear glass replaced, you may be wondering what to expect. Here is the process from beginning to end by our Portland auto glass experts. 

Back Windshield Replacement that Portland, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Oregon City Drivers Can Rely On.

Most drivers don’t think about auto glass until it fails in some way. We’ve all been startled by a flying rock colliding with our windshield, only to realize afterward how strong windshield glass really is! Rock chip repair is often escalated to require an entire windshield replacement but our technicians at SIR Glass can help you determine when a repair is sufficient.

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  • SIR Auto Glass offers same-day window glass repair and replacement for most cars, vans, trucks, and heavy equipment.

  • We stand by our craftsmanship regardless of the scale of damage.

  • We work with a number of manufacturers to make sure that you’re getting the best price.

How does car door window replacement work?

In most cases, the interior door panel has to be removed in order to access the mounting hardware that holds the window in place. As cars get more technologically advanced, the process involves more detailed steps including unhooking quick-disconnect power plugs from their switches and so forth. Since the process requires special tools, safety equipment, and disposal techniques, we highly recommend leaving the job to a professional door glass installer.

Types and sections of auto door glass.

  1. Front door glass – Broken or obstructed front-view auto glass is illegal on Oregon roads.
  2. Rear door glass – The back door windows and small panels called quarter-glass help with visibility and accessing blind spots while driving. If they are broken or otherwise obstructed by temporary fixes, your safety can be compromised. Access to items in the back seat also becomes much easier for thieves if the window is missing or partially damaged.
  3. Back glass – Back glass is just as important as the windshield when it comes to visibility. An obstruction in the rear-view can not only cause accidents, it can catch the unwanted eye of a highway patrol officer.

Preparation for vehicle window replacement at our Southeast Portland location

We gladly offer mobile services, but if you’d rather come to us, make sure to take these steps beforehand:

Call your insurance company right away if any of your door glass has been damaged and you are seeking a replacement. It is most likely that they cover service costs. Our customers are also relieved to find out that we work with most insurance companies, so don’t hesitate to call us if you’re unsure.

If there is glass shattered on the interior of the car and it’s preventing access, vacuum up the pieces as best you can. Use a flashlight to help locate shards in low-light situations, and wear protective gloves to avoid injuries.

Don’t let a break-in ruin your day!

We offer in-house or mobile services so your repair doesn’t have to be a hassle! Call us today!

Mobile window glass replacement

If driving with one or multiple broken windows is too dangerous, we will send a technician to you at no extra charge. Our mobile service covers the entire Portland area and surrounding cities.

Our mobile fleet is fully stocked with materials and supplies to replace or repair:

  • Windshields
  • Front door glass
  • Rear door glass
  • Back glass

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Reasons for a Rear Window Replacement

The typical reason for a rear auto glass replacement is an accident or road debris that has flown up and collided with the glass. Both of these instances can cause the glass to shatter. When this happens, time is of the essence. Shattered auto glass can expose the interior of your vehicle to rain, dirt, and dust, but also pests. Unless you want spiders, rodents, or other creepy crawlies in your vehicle when you’re not around, get your rear glass fixed immediately. 

By replacing your rear window, you also keep thieves from accessing your car, truck, or SUV. 

However, while your rear glass may not seem as important as your front windshield, you may be surprised that replacing the back windshield costs more than front windscreen replacement. 

Here are a few reasons why. 

Why Does Back Windshield Replacement Cost More than Replacing the Front Windscreen?

Different Types of Auto Glass

Back auto glass is made from a different type of glass as the front windshield. While front screens are made from laminated glass, rear windows are made from tempered glass. 

Laminated glass is manufactured by taking a few layers of glass and laminating them together. This creates a window that won’t shatter, helping to protect your face from flying glass in case of an accident. 

Rear auto glass Is tempered, which is designed to shatter everywhere when broken. Instead of shattering into sharp shards, however, the auto glass shatters into tiny pebbles, helping to prevent glass-related injuries. 

Tempered glass can cost more than laminated glass, hence the higher estimate when ordering rear glass replacement. 

Clean Up

Another reason back windshield replacement costs more is because there is usually shattered glass all over the backseat. These thousands of pieces will need to be cleaned, which is usually part of the rear auto glass replacement process. Since front glass doesn’t shatter like rear glass, the cleanup isn’t included when getting a front windscreen replacement, hence the lower cost. 

Defrost Grid

Rear windows contain a defrost grid that helps to melt away ice and snow on those cold winter mornings. This makes the rear auto glass much more challenging to replace than the front glass, which is why back glass replacement typically costs more. 

What is the Process for Back Glass Replacement? 

When you bring your vehicle into a shop like Sir Auto Glass, or you call for mobile rear glass auto replacement, here is what you can expect. By becoming more educated on the process of replacing the back glass, you can expect zero surprises while having your car repaired.

  1. Complete Rear Windshield Inspection
    The first step is to assess the damage. Even if your entire rear glass has shattered, the remnants that are left behind will need to be removed carefully so as not to harm your vehicle. The auto glass frame may have been damaged, which will have to be replaced before a proper rear glass replacement can take place
  2. Remove the Damaged Back Auto Glass

    The glass and frame that is left behind will need to be removed carefully to prevent vehicle damage. Specialized tools are used to carefully slide the broken glass out of the vehicle. The seal that held the auto glass in place also needs to be removed, which is typically done with a cold knife with a T-shaped handle. 

  3. Vacuum Remaining Debris and Glass

    Depending on the extent of the damage, your rear auto glass may have shattered into tons of pieces that now has to be cleaned out of your vehicle. The rear dash, the rear seats, and under the seats are common places for these glass shards to gather. These must be carefully vacuumed away to avoid scratching any interior components of the vehicle. Once all the shards have been cleaned from the floorboards, under the seats, and inside the many nooks and crannies inside your vehicle, the process of replacing your back glass can continue.

  4. Insert the New Back Windscreen

    The new back windshield replacement includes the hook up of the rear defrost system, which makes the process a bit more delicate than other auto glass replacement jobs. The components must be plugged in just right, which requires a professional’s touch. The new pane of auto glass is then set into place, making sure it lines up perfectly to keep wind and rain from getting into the vehicle. The window is sealed carefully all the way around, and then the seal is dried to ensure the window stays in place for the life of your vehicle. 

  5. Ensure the Installation Was a Success

    At Sir Auto Glass, we never let the vehicle owner drive away without a thorough follow-up inspection. This ensures that the rear auto glass replacement was a success and that the seals will hold up to even the most inclement of weather.

The Importance of Hiring Auto Glass Professionals 

Having your rear auto glass replaced by just anyone is a terrible idea. You never want to risk the auto glass shattering prematurely or the back glass falling out entirely because of a shoddy installation job. Professionals use the proper tools and techniques that have been honed over years of experience working on vehicles just like yours.

When looking for auto glass experts to perform your rear glass window replacement, make sure they have the following qualities. 

Glass Shop Portland


When it comes to giving you an estimate for your auto glass work, answering your questions, and performing quality work, you should always feel confident that your auto glass is in the best of hands. If at any time you feel that a professional is being rude or that you are being misled in any way, find another auto glass expert, stat. A true pro will always treat you with respect, answer your questions thoroughly, and provide expert craftsmanship that lasts for years.


You want experts that will prioritize your project and fit you in when you’re in a hurry and need to get back to being on the road. You have work, school, or other responsibilities, which means you need your auto glass replaced fast. True auto glass professionals will provide you with an estimate and begin working on your project while keeping to a schedule that works for you.

Quick Turnaround

You shouldn’t have to wait around for your back auto glass to be replaced. Look for shops that will give you rapid turnaround so that you can get back on the road fast following an accident or collision with stray road debris.

Trusted Workmanship 

You want to be able to drive away from the auto glass shop feeling as though your vehicle is in the best of hands. A faulty back glass can put you and your passengers at risk. Only go with an auto glass shop that has a good track record, and that offers guarantees on their workmanship for back windshield replacement you can trust.

Warranties & Guarantees 

Ask how long the back windshield is supposed to last before you choose a professional to replace it. Only go with a shop that gives you a guarantee that the back auto glass will last for the lifetime of the car. Experienced auto professionals who stand behind their work will always provide you with a guarantee, because they have numerous happy customers backing them up.