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Car Auto Glass Replacement Portland

Your same day auto glass replacement in Portland!

Replacing your vehicle’s auto glass should be fast. You shouldn’t be required to plan around it. We offer the same high-quality glass service whether you’re on the road, at home, or visiting our shop. Certified technicians make all the difference and those are the only ones we hire. At SIR Glass our techs are trained, certified, and equipped to replace your windshield anywhere. Between our facility and mobile service, you choose what works with your schedule!

The industry doesn’t require it by law, but we do. That’s why all of our technicians are certified.

We trust our technicians to do the highest quality work. That’s why we guarantee 100% satisfaction on every job.

Choose a high-quality replacement wherever you are.

We are your certified auto glass replacement provider. Many industries have to meet government mandated standards. The glass replacement industry is not one of them. If a company is going to require more, it has to be internal. Our mission is to provide the best for our customers. That’s why we require certification. Our technicians are professionally trained. We hire individuals who know best in practice replacement applications. We test before hiring and provide additional training. Expect more, we do.

Though windshields are often damaged, they aren’t the only area. Cracks or breaks on any vehicles’ window can destroy visibility, compromise safety, and increase the chance of additional damage. We can replace:

broken windshield repair
  • Windshields
  • Back glass panels
  • Quarter glass panels
  • Front door glass
  • Rear door glass
  • Hatch glass

Prep work matters. We do it right. Our technicians are detail oriented. We know that even a small amount of leftover adhesive can prevent a solid new seal. Not every company takes the time to prep correctly. We do. It guarantees the strong seals and lasting work we’re known for.

We use tough commercial grade products. Trust in your glass replacement isn’t enough. We use commercial grade products at every stage. Our adhesives, windshields, and gaskets are the same ones we use on our own cars. These industry leading products have a lower failure rate than other brands, and our windshields meet or exceed OEM specifications. All of it is ordered factory direct to reduce pricing. Don’t settle for less.

Quality car window replacements and more!

Auto Glass Repair
  • A lifetime No Leak Guarantee on glass replacement

  • Assistance determining and verifying deductibles.

  • The use of premium grade glass and materials.

  • Free estimates and a wide variety of discounts.

  • Technicians that only suggest necessary repairs.

  • Same day services for chip and glass repairs.

Contact us today.

The best car glass replacement in Portland doesn’t boil down to one step or critical moment. Excellence is required at every stage of the process. Start with the area’s best certified glass technicians, give them the time and tools to prep and prepare correctly, supply them with leading replacement glass and you get SIR Glass. Call or contact us now and get moving.

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