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We are passionate about and committed to giving every customer an exceptional service experience. We pride ourselves on providing impeccable quality and awesome service. There’s a reason our motto is simply
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“Shawn walked me through the process over the phone and carefully answered all my questions. John was on time and had my window fixed in no time. Also, my cost was $100 less than expected. Definitely would call them first, next time I need auto glass repair!”

-Shannon H. of Protland, OR


And here’s why…

Safety is the Biggest Concern!

A window glass replacement is a critical task, which should be conducted with expert care and skillfulness. Windshields are meant to provide safety to occupants and so the replacement should never be rushed.

SIR Glass puts your safety at the forefront. Our technicians replace the auto glass using industry best practices while also employing latest techniques to perform a remarkable job for clients. After the auto window installation is done, the adhesion is given adequate time to dry in every replacement.

Unlike many other companies, we avoid hurrying through the job. It’s our responsibility to install car window glasses in a way which improves the safety of the car’s occupants and eliminates any kind of structural problems in the near future. The most important line of defence in a car after the seat belts is the windows. If the windshield and the side window glasses are not properly installed and fitted, it can jeopardize the safety of passengers in case of a collision or a rollover. Our company carries out the entire window glass replacement procedure in a professional manner so that you’re safe even in the event of an emergency situation.

Mobile Auto Glass Repair Service in Portland

If you’re pressed for time and it’s not possible for you to visit our automotive glass repair shop, we can travel to your location. At present, we are offering our mobile window glass repair services in the entire Portland metro area, from sandy to Hillsboro and Vancouver to Salem. If you reside in any of these areas, just give us a call and schedule an appointment for the repair job in advance. We’ll arrive at your location at the scheduled time and repair the damage of your car’s glasses, specific to your needs.

Don’t let a small crack or chip in your car’s window glasses compromise the safety of you and your family. As soon as there’s a damage, get in touch with SIR Glass and have our professionals repair it.

Our goal is to ensure safe driving for you – usually in less than hour.

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You’re Invited to SIR Glass for Expert Windshield Replacement

SIR Glass is a reputed auto glass fitter company. Our auto windshield replacement services come along with a lifetime warranty against any kind of defect in the glass or interior or paint damage. Our certified technicians have mastered the art and science of replacing an old windshield with a new one. They pay careful attention to each step of the windshield replacement process so that there are no leaks left anywhere and your safety is not compromised in the least.

We use only high quality urethane products, rated best for crash testing. A windshield replacement is directly linked to your safety. That’s why we take utmost care to do it with precision the very first time. Our ultimate goal is to keep you safe against different types of safety hazards while on the road.

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Criteria on whether a windshield can be repaired vary company to company.

SIR Glass will only repair a windshield if it meets the following criteria:

  1. Chips or dings that occur inside the glass are not repairable, it must be replaced.
  2. The crack can not have created a hole all the way through the glass. If so, we can not repair it, it must be replaced.

These are the main criteria, and after an evaluation by one of our certified professionals, it can be determined if a windshield repair or replacement is your best option.

Auto Glass Repair

Getting Broken Windshield Repaired

SIR Glass is a reputed car windshield repair company, which operates in areas including Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Oregon City and Wilsonville. If you are residing in any of these areas, our windshield service shop is within easy reach. In case you are unable to travel to our shop for lack of time, our windshield technicians can reach your home, office or any other location and repair your vehicle’s broken windshield on site in an hour or less. Each technician we have is certified and experienced to perform a wide variety of windshield repair tasks. We remain equipped with the latest equipment and tools and employ advanced repair techniques.

Your safety is our prime concern. The windshield functions as a shield of defense for a car’s occupants. It’s there to keep you well-protected in the event of an emergency. So, it’s important to make sure that the damage in the auto windshield gets repaired as fast as possible. Our expert technicians ensure that the damaged windshield gets back its original strength after the repair.


Windshield repairs costs WITHOUT INSURANCE


$65first chip *
  • *First chip up to 3 inches long
  • $15 per additional chips
  • $100 Crack repair longer than 3″


$75first chip *
  • *First chip up to 3 inches long
  • $15 per additional chips
  • $100 Crack repair longer than 3″
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