What is the Process of Calibrating?

Windshield glasses are scientifically designed components aimed to enhance the safety of the occupants in a vehicle. If you use a car or SUV, you might have visited an auto glass repair shop to get your broken windshield fixed or replace it with a new one. When installing a new windshield glass, technicians also carry out the process of windshield calibration. The process of calibrating (or recalibrating) a windshield is a crucial one, and it should be done by highly trained professionals. But do you know how exactly ADAS calibration is performed? To stay safe on the road, you should understand the importance of the process and get it done in a proper manner with utmost accuracy at a reliable auto glass service center.

Calibration is a highly technical job, which requires the use of specialized equipment so that the ADAS cameras and sensors can be re-aligned with precision. You will need to get this done particularly after you have broken your automotive glass and getting a new windshield glass installed.

So, let us discuss the actual process of windshield calibration after an auto glass repair or car windshield replacement.

Importance of Windshield Calibration

Before we delve deep into how technicians recalibrate ADAS cameras and sensors, let us first understand its importance.

Thanks to ADAS systems, these advanced technologies have significantly reduced the number of road accidents. The ADAS cameras and sensors help drivers stay alert while on the road and avoid accidents as a result. The system has features that can detect obstacles on the road, the surrounding vehicles, lane markings, speed limits and pedestrians. For these cameras and sensors to provide accurate reading, it is essential to keep them correctly aligned at all times.

Even if there is a slight misalignment in the positioning of the ADAS cameras and sensors, the reading will not be precise. Every time you visit an auto windshield repair shop, you should get the ADAS system checked by trained professionals and get it all recalibrated, if they are misaligned.

Here is why you should get windshield calibration done:

Stay Safe

The purpose of all ADAS features is to reduce the chances of accidents. Extremely useful and advanced features such as emergency braking, forward collision warning and lane departure warning among many others enable the driver to avoid accidents on the road. Misaligned or poorly aligned cameras and sensors will not work in a proper manner, putting your life in danger.

Get Accurate Data

Mounted on the windshield glass, the ADAS cameras and sensors continuously gather data about the vehicle’s surroundings on the road and then the system automatically responds based on this data. For the ADAS system to take the right action at the right time, accuracy of data is key. If the cameras and sensors are not aligned correctly, the entire purpose of using these systems will be defeated and inaccurate warnings can lead to dangerous consequences.

Avoid Costly Auto Windshield Repairs

One of the good reasons for getting windshield calibration done is that it will ultimately help you save a lot of money on auto window repairs and auto windshield replacements. If your ADAS system is well-calibrated at all times, you will have increased safety while on the road. ADAS features prove to be a lifesaver, when it comes to avoiding accidents and injuries while driving. By reducing the number of road collisions and crashes, you will save money on repairs.

Stay Law-Compliant

Sometimes, you will need to calibrate your ADAS system in order to comply with the local laws. Often, calibration will be required as part of the manufacturer’s warranty. You will need to get windshield calibration done every time you get a car glass replacement done at a shop or through mobile auto glass repair service. This will ensure that your ADAS system functions accurately.

Hopefully, you have now understood why you should never ignore windshield calibration of your car or SUV. If you plan your ADAS system to function exactly as it should, you should always get the recalibration done by a technician who has experience and specialization in the job. If you live in the Portland Metro Area, SIR Auto Glass is an ideal place for windshield calibration. Feel free to reach out to one of our specialists for explanations on how it is done.

The Process of Windshield Calibration

Windshield calibration should always be done by expertly trained technicians. It is not a job that people with little or no experience can perform. You will need to take your car or SUV to a trusted and experienced auto glass repair service center or call in expert mobile technicians to get the job done in a correct manner. Based on the type of ADAS system installed in a vehicle, the actual process of calibrating may vary a little. However, the basic procedure is always the same.

Preparation and Inspection

Before the actual calibration can begin, the technician will conduct an inspection of the ADAS cameras and sensors as well as do the basic preparation. For correct calibration, the car or SUV needs to be placed on a level surface. Also, the tires of the vehicle should be properly inflated.

Connecting the Equipment

The process of calibrating requires the use of specific equipment that is made for the purpose. So, the technician will first connect the equipment to the diagnostic port of the car or SUV. Once the equipment has been connected, it will become evident exactly which features need re-calibration.


After the technician has determined which features in the ADAS system needs to be recalibrated, the actual alignment will begin. This may take some time, as the technician will need to do a host of adjustments in order to ensure all the cameras and sensors are correctly aligned. There are several factors that should also be taken into account so that the job is done right.

Performing Verification

After the alignment of the ADAS system has been completed, the job isn’t over yet. It is crucial to make sure the calibration has been performed in an accurate manner. To find out the precision, the technician will now drive the vehicle and see whether the system is working accurately and efficiently.

Documenting the Process

Every adjustment that the technician has done will be put on paper. As a vehicle owner, it is important to keep the maintenance history of the vehicle. So, the technician will document the entire process of calibrating exactly as it has been conducted. This information will be useful in the future.

Never take the process of windshield calibration lightly. If you plan for this process to be conducted with high accuracy, you should reach out to highly trained professionals such as those from SIR Auto Glass. If you live in areas such as Portland, Oregon City, Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Gresham, Tualatin or Wilsonville, then our company is only a phone call away. Our expertly trained technicians will carry out the entire process of ADAS recalibration with utmost precision.

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Important Calibration Tests

The verification or tests post calibration is of utmost importance. This is how a specialist will make sure whether the job has been done right. There are two main tests that will be conducted: Static and Dynamic.

Static Calibration

This is stationary windshield calibration, in which the target is already fixed and the ADAS cameras and sensors don’t have to go through different types of movements. This process can take 1-2 hours.

Dynamic Calibration

Unlike the stationary calibration, dynamic calibration involves taking the vehicle for a test drive and making a wide range of movements in order to verify the placement of the cameras and sensors in an accurate manner. In this case, there are no fixed targets or objects in front of the vehicle. Instead, the vehicle is driven at a specific speed on closed roads to verify the accuracy of calibration.

Whether it is stationary or dynamic re-calibration, you will need to wait for around 1-2 hours for the procedure to complete. Working with a highly trained technician will ensure the entire process is conducted exactly as it should be and then testing is performed in a proper and correct manner as well.

The Ideal Frequency of Windshield Calibration

You may be wondering as to how many times you should actually get calibration done in your vehicle. Of course, this is an important question. Since calibration is directly connected to your road safety, you will never want to miss or skip a calibration. The point is to keep your ADAS cameras and sensors correctly aligned at all times. Usually, you should get this critical process performed at least once in a year. But you may need to get it done more frequently also.

The actual frequency of windshield calibration may vary from one car, SUV or truck to another. This is because of several factors that affect how many times you should get the ADAS system alignment done.

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When do you need calibration?

Driving in Harsh Weather Conditions

One of the key factors that might determine how often you should get calibration done is the environmental conditions in which you drive your vehicle. If you drive your car or SUV in bad weather conditions, the frequency of calibration can be higher than usual. When you drive in snow or rain, it is a major reason for the ADAS system to get out of the correct alignment. Harsh conditions may even cause the ADAS system cameras and sensors to malfunction. If this is the case with you, then you will need to head to a shop for calibration more frequently.

Driving on Uneven Terrain

It is not just bad or extreme weather, but driving on uneven roads will also impact the alignment of the ADAS system. If you have recently driven your vehicle in rough and rugged terrains, you should definitely get the ADAS cameras and sensors in your car or SUV inspected by a trained professional. For people who often drive in uneven terrain will need more frequent calibration.

Auto Windshield Replacement

You may or may not need calibration after a windshield repair. However, the process of calibration becomes necessary after you change your broken windshield glass. When a technician installs a new auto glass, he will need to properly align the ADAS cameras and sensors all over again.

Modifications to Vehicle

Apart from car auto glass repair or car windshield replacement, you may get other types of modifications done to your car, SUV or truck. If the modification is such that it affects the alignment of the ADAS system, you will need to get the re-calibration done. You should always remain careful about the correct alignment of the ADAS devices and ensure they are working efficiently.

So, there is no single, ideal frequency for windshield calibration. Though the best practice is to get it done at least once every year, the frequency may increase based on the factors described above.

What is the Cost of Windshield Calibration?

Generally, the process of calibration costs around $100 – $400. The exact charges will vary depending on the specific make and model of your car or SUV and the actual requirements of calibration. There are different types of ADAS systems fitted in different vehicles. Costs may also vary depending on where you are located and the expertise and experience of the service provider.

To get a free estimate, reach out to one of our specialists at SIR Auto Glass in the Portland Metro Area.

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