How to Protect Your Car Windshield from Scuffs and Scratches

When it comes to a windshield, no ding or scratch is too small. While it may look tiny to a lay person’s eyes, it can become a safety hazard anytime on the road. What does this tell you? This means that the windshield glass is a critical component installed in a car, SUV or truck. It plays a major role in the overall safety of a vehicle and those seated inside. Regardless of how small a damage is, it can obstruct the driver’s visibility on the road, creating potential risks. A slight obstruction can lead to collisions and crashes on the roads and cause serious injuries.

That is why it is extremely important to take the best care of the windshield glass. You should always protect the windshield from various kinds of damages – even if they are minor scuffs and scratches. The more protection you give to the auto window glass, the safer you will be on the road.

So, let us discuss windshield scratch prevention in more detail. These tips will help you protect the windshield auto glass and extend its lifespan while keeping yourself and others safe on the road.

What Causes Windshield Scratches

Scuffs and scratches are nothing like chips or cracks. Still, you should take these minor issues seriously and get them fixed as fast as possible. The problem is that even a slight or tiny scratch on the windshield glass of a car or SUV can be a nuisance and a danger to your road safety. Given below are some of the most common reasons for getting scratches on the window glass.

Road Debris

This is one of the most common reasons for windshields to get scratches. You are driving on the road and a piece of rock or ice hits the automotive glass. You will hardly be able to avoid flying objects, particular when you are driving your vehicle at a high speed on the highways. Sure, you should be careful enough to keep a safe distance from the surrounding vehicles. However, the incidents of flying objects hitting the auto window glass are almost unavoidable.

Damaged Windshield Wipers

Do your wiper blades make a screeching sound while running? If they do, the blades have worn out. When wiper blades move on the windshield without the soft rubber in them, scratches will appear.

It is important to monitor the condition of your windshield wipers. If you spot any kind of damage or wear in their quality, you should get the blades fixed as quickly as possible. Continuing to use the wipers while they are damaged will lead to windshield scratches. Unlike many other components, the wiper blades remain exposed to all kinds of outside elements. As a result of this, the wipers go through wear and tear faster compared to other vehicle components. The best practice is to get your windshield wipers checked and replaced along with an auto glass repair or auto window replacement by trained and experienced professionals.

Incorrect Cleaning Methods

Many times, vehicle owners themselves do something that creates scratches on the windshield glass. For example, using abrasive cloth to wipe and clean the window glasses is a big mistake. Use of the wrong type of cloth or other material will cause damage to the automotive glasses.

There are always right ways and wrong ways to clean a car. Before you start to give your vehicle a clean, it is important to make sure you use the right method. Using a contaminated cleaner will also lead to windshield scratches. Before you use a piece of cloth or any other material, you should make sure it is the right type of material for the wiping and cleaning of car glasses. Also, before you start the cleaning process, you should see to it that the auto glass surfaces and the wiper blades don’t have any kind of debris, dirt or dust particles.

A fresh and dry microfiber towel is the most suitable material you should use to wipe and clean the windshield glasses. Use one side of the towel for cleaning and the other side for buffing out the car glass.

Tree Branches

You should be careful while driving down roads with trees on either side. In particular, you should prevent low-hanging branches from touching the windscreen of your car, SUV or minivan. When tree branches hang low and come in contact with car glasses, chances of getting scratches will be high. Definitely, it is beyond your control to trim the low-hanging tree branches. But you can surely try to avoid any of these branches from coming in contact with your car glasses.

If you want to give the best protection to your auto glasses, you should certainly stay aware of the common reasons that lead to scuffs and scratches. If you have a question in this regard or want to fix a minor damage in a proper manner, feel free to talk to reach out to SIR Auto Glass. Our company provides auto glass repair and replacement services in the Portland Metro Area.

Why Car Windshield Protection is So Important!

Unless a vehicle has full knowledge of what a windshield glass can do, he or she will continue to underestimate it. You will hardly find many who give their windshield the attention it actually deserves. This kind of attitude needs to change and the windshield must be given serious attention.

The windshield glass is a specially designed, crucial component. Its main role is not to make your car look nice. The purpose of this auto glass is to provide you safety and protection while on the road. A clean and flawless car windshield glass provides you an unobstructed view of the road. But what this component really does is that it keeps you safe from a wide range of outside elements. During a collision, it helps the air bags inflate quickly. The windshield prevents you from being thrown outside during a crash or collision on the road. Above all, the windshield gives strength and provides support to the vehicular frame.

Therefore, you should never ignore the care and maintenance of the windshield glasses in your car. As soon as you spot an issue, you should head straight to an auto glass shop or use a mobile glass service.

Tips for Windshield Scratch Prevention

You have invested a lot of money in your car or SUV. That is why it is your responsibility to give this investment the best protection. You should never ignore any kind of scratch or scuff on the windshield. There are several reasons due to which an auto window glass can sustain damage, big or small. As a car owner, you should follow some useful tips to prevent scratches.

Keep the Wiper Fluid Reservoir Full

It is important to remain aware of what you should not do. One of these is to never let your wiper fluid reservoir go dry. In fact, this should be made a habit right from day one after you have bought a car or SUV.

There are some basic maintenance tasks that you should do yourself. Wiper fluid is easily available in the market and it is not expensive. When the wiper fluid reservoir becomes dry, it starts to damage the windshield glass. As a result of this, scratches and scuffs might appear on the windscreen. So, the best idea is to store a bottle of wiper fluid in your garage in advance. Refill the fluid reservoir as soon as it gets empty so as to protect your car windshield glass.

It is a best practice to get the wiper fluid checked every time you visit an auto mechanic or an auto windshield repair shop. If you are in search of one of the most trusted auto glass services in the Portland Metro Area, reach out to SIR Auto Glass. You can also avail yourself of our mobile glass service.

Change the Wiper Blades

It is important to keep a close watch on the performance of windshield wipers. Based on where you live and drive, the wiper blades can show signs of wear much before your expectations. If damaged wiper blades run the automotive glass, there is every chance that the glass will get scratches.

car window replacement

The best thing is that wiper blades are not expensive. Every time you notice that the wiper blades are not performing well or they have worn out, you can replace them quickly without any worry at all. If you are getting a car windshield repair or an auto windshield replacement, it is a good time to get the wipers checked too and change them if they are damaged or torn. As per the general rule of thumb, it is best to replace your wiper blades with new ones every six months. In fact, you should ensure that your wiper blades are in excellent shape at all times.

Wiper blades are designed for a smooth movement across the windshield glass. As long as the blades are in good condition, they will make proper contact with the auto windshield glass of the vehicle.

Keep the Wiper Blades Clean

No matter what kind of weather it is, wiper blades have to deal with just a lot. Dust, dirt and debris can easily get trapped inside the wipers. If you run dirty wipers on the auto window glass, you will see scratches later. That is why you should try to keep the wiper blades clean as well. Give the wiper blades a proper clean once a week at least in order to protect your car windshield glass.

Keeping the wiper blades clean will significantly reduce the chances of scratches on the windshield. Plus, the blades will perform better. Remember, making a little effort will pay you great dividends in the long term.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

When it comes to windshield cleaning, you should never use any type of cleaner that you have around or come across with. Avoid the use of ammonia-based cleaners to clean automotive glasses. Ammonia is a harsh chemical and it is known to dry up materials such as plastic and rubber.

Use a fresh microfiber towel to wipe and clean the windshield. Just apply a little amount of rubbing alcohol to the towel and you are ready to go. Rubbing alcohol is a suitable cleaner used for windshields. Also, never use a paper towel instead of microfiber towels. Always keep in mind that paper towels can create scratches and scuffs on the windshield glass. Use only gentle cleaners and follow the cleaning method in a proper manner to keep your windshield safe.

Never Use Wipers on a Dry Car Windshield

It is a no-brainer, but still it skips the mind of many car owners. The best practice is to not use the wipers on a completely dry windshield glass, as doing so can create scratches on the glass surface. To perform excellently, the wiper blades need a surface that is wet and lubricated. In case you want to run the blades over a dry automotive glass, make sure you spray a little wiper fluid first. This will protect your windshield glass from scratches, dings and scuffs.

Get Scratches Fixed Quickly

If not fixed in time, small scratches can lead to serious damages. So, don’t ignore a scratch or scuff just because it is too small. Whether it is a ding, scratch or small blemish, you should give it serious attention and seek the help of a trained technician to fix the windshield as soon as possible.

Use these tips to prevent your windshield from getting scratches. It is important to keep your car windshield glass safe from any kind of damage. Having a clean, flawless and properly installed car windshield glass will provide enhanced safety to your and your family while driving on the road.

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