Windshield Replacement Lake Oswego

Windshield Replacement

There are a wide range of reasons to get a windshield replaced. Chips and cracks, leaking seals, scratches, hazing, and more can cloud your view and cause more damage. You want a windshield replacement Lake Oswego drivers depend on. You want warrantied work that guarantees high quality craftsmanship. You want SIR Glass.

Get a windshield replacement without leaving home!

Windshield Replacement Service In Lake Oswego

We offer several ways to replace your windshield. You can drive your car to one of our conveniently located shops, or we can come to you! Making the windshield replacement Lake Oswego vehicles need as simple as possible helps us to help you. There are some urgent reasons to replace your windshield. Just some of the benefits you’ll receive include:

  • Improved road visibility. In the Lake Oswego area, rain is a constant. In winter and spring it can make it difficult to see. Add on windshield damage, and your view may be greatly impaired. Driving starts with clear sight, so make sure your windshield is too.
  • Restored protection. Windshields contain multiple layers. A plastic or vinyl later sits between two glass layers. This keeps glass from shattering inward and helps prevent debris from entering the cabin. A Lake Oswego windshield replacement restores this protective barrier and helps keep you safe.
  • Don’t drive illegally. Lake Oswego has specific laws relating to window obstructions. If the damage is severe enough, you may be violating these laws. This gives police an automatic reason to pull you over.

Your Warrantied Windshield Replacement!

LIFETIME WARRANTY: Every replacement at SIR GLASS comes with a lifetime warranty for parts, LDWS calibration and labor. Your parts warranty protects against defects in the glass, stress cracks and leaks. This does not, however, protect against any FURTHER windshield rock damage from other outside forces after replacement is completed. 

Your labor warranty protects against any damage or issues that result from our work. If you have any problems, concerns or questions that arise due to the windshield installation, we will come out, evaluate the issue and correct it as necessary.

Your LDWS calibration warranty protects against improper operation of the ADAS system which includes Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning. The calibration is an objective process that includes precise laser measurements guided by the calibration software on our computer. If any issues arise due to an improper calibration, we take full responsibility. If you choose not to have a calibration performed, this warranty is not valid and you take full responsibility for those systems not operating properly. The ADAS is a major part of your safety systems and we take that seriously.

This warranty applies to the windshield only and not to any other part of your vehicle. This warranty does not apply if either we do not receive payment from you or your insurance company or if this invoice is not signed by an authorized signer of this insurance policy, regardless of work completion.

If there is a leak, we will come out and perform a leak test to determine where the leak is coming from. Leaks can come from AC drains, moonroof rains and roof racks so performing a leak test will tell us exactly what is leaking. To correct this issue, we will reseal the glass and that works 90% of the time. If it still leaks our final correction is to remove the glass and reinstall it. 

If there is damage that you think was caused by us, we will review before and after pictures. If it is discovered that we caused the damage we will pay to correct it. 

If you are at any time unhappy with any aspect of our work or service, please let us know so that we can take steps to correct the issue. We care about your experience with us. 

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