Is it Cheaper to Replace Windshields without Insurance?

Even when they are small, chips and cracks in the windshield can put the lives of the car’s occupants in serious danger. Cracked auto glass reduces visibility and the risk of a collision increases as a result.

If the windshield of your vehicle has cracked or chipped, you should not wait for too long to get it repaired or replaced. In fact, you should try to drive to an auto glass shop or use a mobile service as quickly as possible. No matter how important it is to travel or reach somewhere, never take the risk of driving a car with a damaged windshield. Use another car for commuting or travel instead. If you have comprehensive auto insurance, you can get the replacement done for free. But what if you have a damaged windshield and you do not have a car insurance policy? Let us find out whether it is cheaper to replace windshields in the absence of insurance.

Different Service Providers, Different Quotes

Based on where you reside, the cost of getting a windshield replacement may vary. In fact, different auto glass shops in the same city may also offer different quotes for auto glass replacement jobs.

At some auto shops, you will find the cost of windshield replacement cheaper than others. Many service providers will charge more than you expect. It is, therefore, always a good idea to do some research before heading to an auto glass repair shop. You should work with a service provider which offers affordable rates as well as does the job in a professional manner. Beware of fly-by-night companies that exist only to cheat clients and make some quick bucks. Many companies offer free quotes to clients for the sake of transparency. So, you should not forget to ask the company you choose to send you a quote for your glass replacement.

At the Sir Auto Glass, you will be able to get the windshield replacement done at a highly affordable rate. Our technicians carry a great deal of experience both in auto glass repair and windshield replacement. We offer our clients a free quote so that they are fully aware of how much to pay. Our car window services are available in areas such as Portland, Oregon City, Beaver ton, Hillsboro etc. Feel free to give us a phone call and schedule your consultation.

What is the Cost of Windshield Replacement?

Before we discuss how much replacing a windshield without insurance costs, let us first know the actual cost of the service.

One key factor which determines the charge for windshield replacement is the model of the car or the SUV. Typically, the total cost ranges between $100 and $400. If you are getting a replacement, you should expect to pay an average sum of $220, which also includes the labor charges.

Apart from the model or make of the car, there are a couple of other factors which can affect the cost of windshield replacement. Depending on the model of your car, the cost can be cheaper or more expensive than the average cost. Also, the price varies due to the quality of auto glass installed. In the market, you will come across both low quality as well as top quality windshields. If you want the finest product installed, you should always seek the services of an experienced vendor who is well-known for their trust and reputation. Compared to a local auto glass repair shop, nationalized shops will charge more for installing new windshields.

Windshield Replacement without Insurance

Now, let us get to the moot question of whether it is cheaper or costlier to replace a windshield without having insurance.

If you don’t have car insurance, you can still go ahead with the replacement and get it done by your selected vendor. Usually, the cost of getting a new windshield is not too much – unless it is a luxury car. If the windshield of your car, van or SUV has sustained some kind of damage, you should not make any delay in getting it repaired or having it replaced altogether.

The rates for new windshield installation keeps changing. You will be able to get the auto glass installation free only if you have comprehensive car insurance. Here, it is important to understand that not all auto insurance policies are equal. The coverage benefits vary from one insurance policy to another. If you don’t have insurance, you should do some research first as to where exactly you should get the job done for your car or SUV. The starting price for a new windshield is $200, and the price can go up to $500 or even more. A windshield with multiple features will cost more than a windshield with less features. Plus, the windshield of a luxury car such as Mercedes Benz will cost you a lot more than the average price.

If you are not ready to file an insurance claim, you should always seek the services of a reputable auto mechanic for auto glass replacement. The windshield is not just a piece of auto aesthetics. In fact, it is an extremely important safety device which gives you protection during a crash or collision.

Also, the damage to the windshield can be moderate or severe. You can have different types of chips and cracks on the glass. It is for the technician to determine how minor or serious the damage is and then recommend the best solution. If the damage is severe or it spreads across the screen or it is located in the line of vision, the windshield will need to be replaced with a new one. So, before you head over to an auto glass shop or call an auto mechanic for help, make sure you are choosing professionals who have multiple years of experience under the belt.

Can I Replace the Broken Windshield Myself?

If you don’t have insurance, you may like to go ahead with DIY windshield installation to save money. However, taking this route can be risky. If you install the auto glass in an incorrect manner, you will put yourself as well as other occupations of the car at risk while you are on the road. Poor quality installations can also damage the windshield and you may need another one soon.

You should carry out the replacement yourself only if you have considerable experience in this area of work. If you lack experience, the best and the safest idea is to take the help of experienced technicians.

Do You Have More Questions?

If you choose the right company, getting your car’s windshield replaced without insurance will be a pleasant experience. If you have more questions in regard to car insurance and auto glass replacement, head straight to Sir Auto Glass for expert answers and clear explanations.

Located in Portland and Oregon City, we provide industry-manufactured windshields as well as their professional installation. If you have an irreparable chip or crack on your auto glass, don’t let it jeopardize your as well as the other occupants’ lives. Get it replaced right away. You can reach out to our office via a phone call or email. You can also use our mobile windshield replacement service, offered by our new wing Magic Glass Repair. This service is particularly designed to help busy professionals. If you don’t have time to come to our shop, we will reach you. In any case, feel free to ask us for a free cost estimate of the replacement.