10 Reasons Why Not to Wait to Get Your Windshield Fixed

You’re driving along, minding your own business, when a rock smacks your windshield. You’re annoyed at first, then you become dismayed when you notice the tiny chip in your windshield. 

Not only can a broken windshield cause an otherwise good day to turn foul, but now you face the inconvenience of auto glass replacement, not to mention the added expense!

However, before you start calling shops around town for a brand-new auto glass replacement, you should know that your windshield can be repaired in some cases. 

You would be surprised how many people visit our Portland shop or call our mobile auto glass service only be absolutely shocked by the fact that some small defects can be repaired. 

Don’t delay, however. In fact, here are ten reasons why waiting to have your windshield fixed is the wrong and more expensive move to make. 

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1- Cold Weather Makes Cracks Worse

You may think that little chip in your windshield is no big deal until you come outside to find your car frozen and covered in a sheet of ice. What are you going to do? You have to get to work. 

Some car owners think that pouring steaming or boiling water on the windshield will melt the ice quickly, allowing them to drive off unhindered. While hot liquids will melt the ice, the sudden change in temperature from freezing to hot can cause the materials inside the auto glass to expand. This action, in turn, can cause that chip or break in your windshield to turn into a much wider crack. In many cases, pouring hot water on your windshield can cause the windshield to shatter entirely. However, unlike your side and back auto glass, windshields are designed to shatter, yet remain in place, for greater safety to driver and passengers. 

You don’t have to pour heated water on your windshield for it to crack or shatter. Merely turning the heat on high can also worsen cracks and cause auto glass shattering. 

That is why you will want to get your breaks, chips, and small cracks fixed before the weather turns freezing. You will thank yourself later. 

2- Extreme Heat Can Worsen Cracks Too

You don’t have to live in a tundra for your auto glass defects to worsen. If you live in a particularly hot area, like Arizona, and you turn the air conditioning on super-cold, cracks and auto glass shattering could result. 

This is why it is critical to get your windshield fixed the moment a pebble or other object collides with your auto glass, or you receive a glass defect some other way. 

You don’t have to live in the desert for a crack to worsen. Any fluctuations in temperature can cause cracks to worsen. When that happens, fixing your windshield may not be possible.

3- Extended Cracks Cannot be Fixed

If you wait too long and a small chip or break worsens, your windshield may be unrepairable. 

A simple test you can perform to determine if your windshield can be fixed is to hold a dollar bill alongside the crack. A dollar bill is just above six inches. If the crack extends more than the bill, your windshield cannot be repaired, and you will have to opt for replacement. 

Because cracks worsen so rapidly and for a variety of reasons, you should act the moment a defect occurs. The longer you wait, the more your options diminish until complete auto glass replacement becomes your only choice left. 

4- A Cracked Windshield is More Dangerous in a Wreck

Windshields are built to be strong. The process of manufacturing a windshield makes it about five times stronger than standard auto glass. In the chance of a crash, your windshield is designed to maintain the frame of your vehicle. The strengthened layers of auto glass that comprise your windshield keep the roof from crumpling inward, especially in a rollover accident. 

The thing is, a single crack, even a tiny one, can threaten the strength and integrity of your windshield. And you never know when an accident could occur. You could be the safest driver, yet someone could pull out in front of you. A bicyclist could cut in front of you or a deer could bound into the road. The next thing you know, you are relying on your auto glass to hold so that you and your passengers don’t become injured.

Do you now see how important it is to get your windshield fixed? Don’t take the chance. Call for auto glass repair the moment a defect occurs for absolute safety’s sake. 

5- You Could Face Even More Problems in a Wreck

When your windshield is damaged and crumples in a wreck, it can no longer protect you and your passengers adequately. Vehicles these days have airbags that are designed to deploy and inflate the moment a crash occurs. The inflatable bags are meant to inflate against the windshield. That stable barrier allows the bag to catch your head and body to keep you safe. 

If your airbag deploys and the windshield is cracked, the bag could go through the glass. In some cases, a cracked windshield can send you hurtling out of the vehicle, especially if you fail to wear your seatbelt. 

You might not think that a tiny defect could be so dangerous. Yet you see that there are several reasons why waiting for a crack to worsen is a horrible idea. Get your windshield fixed immediately so that you and your passengers can take advantage of all the safety features in your vehicle in the event of a crash.

6- Your Vision Could Become Obstructed

A pebble hit your windshield. So what? You may not think that tiny chip is a big deal until you don’t see that car turning in front of you. Only when it’s too late do you realize that the small chip obstructed your vision just enough that you weren’t able to react to avoid a crash. 

A crack in your windshield can prove to be an even greater hindrance to your driving. Since windshields are made up of several layers of tempered glass, you may get a prism effect at the point where the crack occurs. You might not see pedestrians or bikers or animals that you otherwise might miss. 

Auto glass is manufactured to be as clear as possible to give you a full view of the road and all obstacles you may encounter. A single defect can create objects in your vision or distract you from what’s really there. Either way, a crack or defect in your auto glass could spell disaster before you know it. Get those cracks in your windshield fixed fast!

7- You Could Get a Police Citation

Having a crack in your windshield is illegal. Lawmakers began noticing that cracked windshields were more dangerous in a crash and that drivers were becoming distracted. Therefore, laws are now in effect throughout the country that prevent you from driving around with a crack in your windshield. 

You could get pulled over and given a ticket if a police officer notices your crack while you are driving by. In some cases, you can have a certain amount of time, such as ten days, to have your windscreen fixed, whereby the ticket will be expunged and won’t go on your record. 

Still, it’s better not to be pulled over by the police in the first place. Get those windshield defects fixed the moment they occur, or you could be in trouble with the law. 

8- Windshield Repair is Quick and Affordable

Many people incorrectly assume that fixing a windshield takes days to complete. Some may believe that they have to leave their car overnight and get a ride home. The fact is, fixing a windshield is a breeze, as long as you find the right professionals to do the job. 

As long as the chip or crack is tiny, the glass can be filled so that the glass becomes clear once more. You may still be able to see the defect in some cases, but the chip, gouge, or crack will be repaired, at least as far as the law is concerned. Your windshield should also hold firm in the case of an accident, as long as your windscreen is fixed properly. 

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9- As Time Passes, Your Expenses Could Increase

A small defect doesn’t cost that much to repair. When you consider how much you are contributing to your safety by having the chip or crack repaired, the small fees you may pay are well worth it. 

The longer you wait, however, the higher your costs will be. If your tiny auto glass chip becomes a major crack, you could end up having to replace your windshield completely. We’re talking less than a hundred dollars compared to three hundred dollars or more in some cases, depending on which type of car, truck, or SUV you drive. 

Even if you have insurance, your policy may not cover windscreen replacement. You may have to pay a deductible of a hundred or more to have your insurance policy kick in. However, there are ways that you can work with your insurance to get your windscreen covered. 

If your crack or shattered auto glass was the result of an accident, you can have your deductible waived in some cases. Your best move is to contact your insurance company to ask about your options. You can also work with a reputable auto glass replacement expert. Many of them will work with you and your insurance company, effectively walking you through the steps of getting your auto glass costs taken care of. 

Still, why go through the hassle? A single day can cost you hundreds of dollars if your crack spreads to the perimeter or extends into you vision. Save time, money, and frustration by calling to get your windshield fixed from a trusted auto glass company. 

10- You Have Access to Mobile Auto Glass Repair!

Some people put off getting their windshield fixed because they claim they don’t have the time. They get a chip or crack on their way to work and put the matter off until they find themselves facing a multi-hundred-dollar bill at the auto glass repair shop. 

Yet did you know that you have access to mobile windshield repair? You could be at work, school, or a friend’s house, and the mobile service will arrive promptly to fix your problem. Whether it’s a small defect or a complete windshield replacement, the service technicians will identify the type of vehicle you have and show up with the tools and materials to get your vehicle back to road-legal status. 

This is especially true if you live in Portland, Oregon, or the surrounding areas. Sir Auto Glass allows you to visit our shop for fast auto glass repair or windshield replacement, or we can come to you. Our mobile auto glass service doesn’t charge extra for the trip, which is one of the prime benefits of using our service. You shouldn’t have to pay extra just because a rock hit your car and you’re a busy person. We will come to you at no extra charge with the windshield repair kit or windshield replacement in hand, ready to get you back on the road quickly.

The bottom line is that waiting to repair your auto glass is a great way to lose valuable time and money. Even if the defect is teeny tiny, you are putting your health at risk, and it’s only a matter of time before the defect grows into a full-blown crack. To learn more, call Sir Auto Glass, where we fix your auto glass right!