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Quality Auto Glass Portland

Choose SIR Glass for Quality Auto Glass Service in Portland

Auto glass isn’t created equally. The quality of your auto glass in Portland depends entirely upon the company you choose. At SIR Glass we take the required steps to ensure quality assurance. From our certified technicians to our premium grade products, you’ll experience the difference from start to finish.

Glass repair technicians aren’t required to have certifications. We only employ technicians that do.

The right company can make all the difference. Get 100% satisfaction guaranteed auto glass repairs and replacements from our certified technicians.

Get quality from start to finish.

Our technicians are certified in glass repairs and replacements. Our industry doesn’t require it, but we demand it. Providing the best means hiring the best. We take care with every single job so you never have to experience a hack job. That’s because our technicians are professionally trained in glass prep, application, and repair work. They know our products backwards and forwards and work for a company that rewards quality craftsmanship.

Windshield Replacement and Repair

We correctly prepare our materials and your vehicle. Whether you need a chip repair or a whole windshield replacement, prep work is key. Bonding agents cannot be mixed. That means any area where a sealant is used must be completely cleaned. Our technicians take the time to remove rust and actually prepare your vehicle for the work ahead. This creates a tight fit, dependable bond, and saves you additional work later.

Only the best materials are used. We only use commercial grade products. Our adhesive agents, gaskets, and windshields are the same ones we use on our own vehicles. Using better products elevates the quality of our work. It doesn’t take additional time, and our factory direct sourcing keeps our pricing competitive. Don’t settle for less.

Quality Glass Service and More

  • A lifetime No Leak Guarantee on glass replacement.
  • Assistance determining and verifying deductibles.

  • The use of premium grade glass and materials.

  • Free estimates and a wide variety of discounts.

  • Technicians that only suggest necessary repairs.

  • Same day services for chip and glass repairs.

Contact us today.

Don’t get taken for a ride you’ll regret. Companies without certified technicians are much less likely to provide quality workmanship. Are you willing to risk it when it comes to your windshield? All it takes is one accident and a poor quality windshield for the price to exceed the savings. Is your and your passengers safety worth the cost of bad workmanship? Choose quality protection and drive with peace of mind. Call or contact us today for scheduling and ask about our free mobile services.

Windshield Replacement
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