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windshield Repair

Windshield Repair for your Vehicle

Over the last decade, the auto glass industry has come a long way. Old methods have given way to advanced repairing techniques. Earlier, a damaged windshield had to be replaced with a new one altogether. Today, a wide range of chips and cracks in the windshield of a car can be repaired within an hour while keeping the structural integrity of the vehicle intact. Getting a new windshield can be expensive, but car windshield repair services are both affordable and long-lasting.

If the windshield of your car has cracked or shattered due to collision or another reason, you shouldn’t leave it unattended for too long. Since getting a repair is easier than ever, you should get this problem fixed as quickly as you can to keep yourself and your family safe against safety hazards while driving.

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Types of Cracked or Broken Auto Windshield

There are various situations that inflict damage upon automotive glasses. You can get the window glasses of your car shattered after a collision, even when you are driving at a low speed. The impact from a collision exerts pressure on the windows, which results in the shattering of glasses. A car’s glasses can get damaged due to vandalism or an attempt to break into the car. Another very common reason which can shatter or chip the window glasses of a car is debris impact. You’re driving on the road and a small stone suddenly kicks up and hits your car on the windshield or the side windows, causing the auto glasses to crack.

There are also some rare cases where the automotive glasses get shattered due to thermal pressure. If you leave your car in a hot climate for far too long, excessive heat can cause shatters in the glasses.

Whether your car is parked or while you’re driving, damages to the windshield can occur anytime. However, each chip or crack is not the same. There are multiple types of damages and experienced windshield technicians know quite well how to address each one of them. The auto windshield has a well-crafted, specially engineered design which can get a crack or chip in multiple ways.

Major types of windshield damages are as follows:

Bull’s Eye: Many times, a stray stone or pebble suddenly hits the windshield while you are driving. Also known as a chip, this type of damage looks like a bull’s eye, hence the name. The windshield breaks in a way that a small portion of the glass is lacking from the very center. If you look at the chip from inside the vehicle, it appears like a dark circle with a strong center of impact.

Star Break: This looks like a star or small X, which has a central impact point from where diverge multiple lines of cracks.

Half Moon: When a small stone or pebble hits the windshield, the damage can appear in the shape of a half moon. This type of chip is similar to a bull’s eye with the only exception that the circle is not complete.

Crack: A chip and a crack are two different things. While a chip refers to damage done only to the outer layer of the windshield, a crack means the damage reaches across both the layers of the glass. There are various causes that can lead to cracks in the glasses of a car. Cracks in the windshield need immediate attention, otherwise they can spread further across the glass.

Combination Break: When the car windshield breaks in a way that it has both chips and cracks at a time, it is termed as a combination break. For example, getting a bull’s eye along with a star break is a combination break.

Though most types of chips and cracks are now repairable, the windshield technician will know better whether a particular type of windshield damage can be repaired. There are certain criteria which the technician follows to determine whether a repair is the best thing to do. These factors include size, depth and location of the damage. Small chips or cracks in the windshield can be usually repaired whereas larger chips might need a replacement service from the technician.


Windshield repairs costs WITHOUT INSURANCE


$65first chip *
  • *First chip up to 3 inches long
  • $15 per additional chips
  • $100 Crack repair longer than 3″


$75first chip *
  • *First chip up to 3 inches long
  • $15 per additional chips
  • $100 Crack repair longer than 3″
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