What to Check After Windshield Replacement

While on the road, a car gets exposed to a variety of terrains and external elements. If the windshield sustains an irreparable crack, it needs to be replaced with a new one. What is extremely important is that windshield replacement should never be ignored or delayed, as doing so will only compromise the safety of the vehicle’s occupants in the event of a collision or rollover.

For vehicle owners, it is crucial to get a broken windshield replaced by a professional as quickly as possible. Many people think of the windshield of a car, SUV, or truck as merely an aesthetic component, which it is not. Actually, the windshield is specially designed to provide support to the entire structure of the vehicle as well as protect the occupants in an accident. If your windshield is broken beyond repair, you should either seek help from an experienced auto glass technician or take the vehicle to an auto glass service shop for a replacement. Unless the windshield installation is carried out in a professional manner, you will stay unsafe while driving. Therefore, don’t forget to check the quality of the windshield installation.

To check if the windshield installation has been performed in a proper and professional manner, you should do the following.

Examine the Edges

In any car auto glass installation, the first thing that needs to be checked is whether the glass fits perfectly into the frame.

After you have a new windshield installed, you should give it a closer look around the edges in particular. An experienced auto glass technician understands the importance of fitting the windshield into the glass frame in a precise manner. If the windshield is incorrectly or poorly installed, the need for a new installation altogether will arise sooner or later. But the danger of a poorly installed auto glass can never be overlooked. If you continue to drive with an incorrect installation, you can put your life and the lives of other occupants in serious jeopardy.


Therefore, properly examine the edges and the surroundings of the newly installed auto glass and see if it is well-fitted. If the installation does not look perfect, you should get in touch with the technician again.

Check the Quality of the Auto Glass

Actually, you should find out about the quality of the auto glass before the installation procedure begins. In case you were not there, you should definitely check whether the quality of the glass is good.

Basically, there are three types of windshield glass:

Dealer glass
Aftermarket glass
OEM glass

Dealer glass is sold by dealers who have the authorization to service your car, SUV, truck or minivan. OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer glass is similar to dealer glass, as it is the same quality as that of your vehicle’s original glass. Aftermarket glass is designed by companies that have tie-ups with the vehicle manufacturer. Think of this auto glass as an equivalent of OEM glass.

Aftermarket glass costs less than dealer and OEM glass. However, it often comes with the same guarantee as dealer or OEM glass do. What is important is to know which type of auto glass you are getting. You should have some knowledge of how to tell the difference between a genuine windshield and a non-original windshield. If you want to find out the genuineness of the glass being installed, you should simply check out the logo towards the corner of the glass. See if the car logo is the same as the one you have on the broken windshield.

Do not fall for cheap auto glass manufacturers. These low-quality glasses often come with warps or have curvature issues. If you are in search of OEM quality or aftermarket auto glass for installation, head over to Sir Auto Glass, which offers windshield repair and replacement in the Portland Metro area.

Check the Thickness of the Glass

When it comes to new windshield installations, you should definitely check the thickness of the auto glass being used.

Thickness is a crucial aspect of high-quality windshield glass. If you plan to restore the structural strength of the vehicle frame, you should make sure the auto windshield has the correct thickness. A reputed auto glass replacement service will always use a glass with the right thickness. The windshield glass should have a proper thickness as well as proper lamination. So, examine if the thickness of the new windshield is the same as that of your broken or cracked windshield. In addition to thickness, also see if the newly installed windscreen has great visibility. If the auto glass has dark pigments, the visibility will be reduced. This, as a result, can lead to visibility issues during night driving and compromise your safety on the road.

Look for Bubbles and Blemishes

Car windshield replacement is a task, which should always be carried out with utmost precision. The auto glass installation has to be free from any kind of errors. In short, the installation should be perfect.

Whether it is the front or back windshield replacement, the quality of the installation can never be ignored. After the cracked windshield of your car or SUV has been replaced, you should give it a closer look. Examine the entire glass surface for any bubbles or blemishes on it. In the event of a poor quality installation, the glass surface will show bubbles or have blemishes. A high-quality installation, on the other hand, will be free from any kind of irregularities.

If the car window glass installation is not perfect, bubbles can also develop later when exposed to high temperatures. Bubbles and blemishes on the auto glass will impact visibility while on the road. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure the newly replaced auto glass is totally bubble-free.

Take a Closer Look at the Adhesive

For new windshield installation, only the strongest adhesive known to the automotive industry should be used.

You should never approve of any other low-quality adhesive for this critical job. Using low-quality adhesive will put your safety at grave risk. Polyurethane adhesive is the gold standard when it comes to vehicle glass bonding. One big benefit of using this adhesive is that it perfectly secures the windshield in the glass frame. So much so that the auto glass does not come off in the event of a crash or collision. During the installation, the technician first needs to remove every bit of the old adhesive to ensure perfect glass bonding with the new adhesive. If you find that the edges of the auto glass have old and dry adhesive, this means that the installation of the new windshield was not carried out in a proper and correct manner.

The presence of old and dry adhesive creates the risk for the new windshield to buckle under pressure from an impact. If you see dried adhesive around the glass frame, get in touch with the technician immediately.

Note If you are Hear a Whooshing Sound at High Speed

After the adhesive has cured and it is time to get back on the road, you should keep an ear out for a whooshing sound.

If the new windshield installation is perfect, you will not hear any sound from the auto glass while driving at high speed. In case you hear a whooshing sound when your car gathers speed, this means there are issues with the replacement. The whooshing sound comes because of the gaps in the fixture or the rubber seal. The sound can be either moderate or dramatic. In both cases, you should immediately see this as a sign of poor-quality windshield installation.

Watch Out for Any Other Discrepancies

When going on a test ride, you should be vigilant and alert for any kind of issues with the newly replaced windshield.

This is to reiterate the high significance of the windshield as a critical safety component of your car, truck, or SUV. Even the smallest of issues or discrepancies with the auto glass can spell serious danger. Therefore, keep an eye out for any kind of sound that may come from the glass in the event of a low-quality installation. If you hear a strange sound of any kind or notice any imperfections, never try to ignore them. Instead, talk to the auto glass repair technician immediately and raise your concern, so that the issue can be resolved before it is too late.

Talk to a Windshield Replacement Specialist

If you still have a question or in search of a technically proficient auto glass technician for a top-quality windshield installation, reach out to Sir Auto Glass. Operating in the Portland Metro area, our company offers auto glass repair, windshield replacement, and a free mobile service for busy clients.

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