The Most Pervasive Problems in Car Window Replacement

Car window replacement is a job that requires ample experience and a great deal of technical expertise. When it comes to auto glass replacement, you should trust only those who are expertly trained to perform the entire procedure with the highest degree of accuracy. If you choose the wrong person or auto glass services, the installation of the new glass will not be up to the mark. As a result of poor quality or incorrect installation, you will experience different types of problems, which will increase your exposure to danger on the road.

The car windshield glass performs a number of functions to keep the driver and other occupants of the vehicle safe while on the road. Proper installation will provide you enhanced safety and keep you protected against fatal injuries during a road accident, crash or collision with another vehicle.

If you experience problems with your windshield, it is always advisable to consult an expert such as those from SIR Auto Glass and find out how to maintain the windshield in a proper manner to avoid safety hazards. Operating in the Portland Metro Area, we specialize in windshield replacement for all makes and models of cars, SUVs and trucks. For your convenience, we also bring you mobile auto glass repair and mobile windshield replacement at no extra cost.

Why Problems Arise with Car Glass Replacement

If you have had a windshield replacement of late and you experience problems, the installation was certainly not done in a proper manner. The procedure of replacing a broken car window glass with a new one consists of several steps, each of which requires serious attention. Not following any of the steps properly will lead to problems in car window replacement.

Hiring Someone with Little Experience

Hiring an inexperienced person for car glass replacement sets the path for a number of problems later. Most of all, this will also keep your road safety compromised in a significant manner. Removal of cracked car glass and installation of a new glass should always be performed by certified technicians who are well-versed with all the steps of the replacement procedure.

If you have hired an amateur or an inexperienced technician, you should expect a low quality or improper installation. Such a person will make mistakes at every step, right from removing the broken glass and the old adhesive to installing the new glass and applying the new adhesive. Not just one, but a successful car windshield replacement requires at least two highly experienced technicians to properly install the glass and place it in the correct position.

If you plan to avoid the most common problems in car window replacement, you should never hire an inexperienced technician.

Not Following the Replacement Procedure Correctly

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Even if the technician has experience, but he does not follow all the steps in a proper manner, the installation will not be successful. The auto glass technician must strictly abide by all the steps.

Key steps in auto glass replacement include:

  • Remove the broken car window glass
  • Prepare the car or the SUV for the installation
  • Clean the window
  • Install the new windshield
  • Give final touches

The old glue has to be removed properly and the new glue should be applied all along the window frame in an even manner. The technician will need to use the right set of equipment and tools to position the new windshield correctly and make sure it fits well into the frame and gets bonded well.

Hurting through the procedure will result in low quality installation and you will start to experience different types of problems post-replacement. So, the technician needs to do his job with a high level of professionalism.

Using Low Quality Replacement Glass

Different types of automotive glasses are available in the market. As a wise car owner, you should know what quality of window glass will be installed in your car, truck or SUV by your hired technician.

If you choose to work with just anyone, the technician might replace your broken car glass with a low quality glass. Since your safety on the road is linked with the windshield and how it is installed, you should always ask the technician what type of glass he will use for the replacement.

At SIR Auto Glass, we believe in transparency and professionalism. As one of the highly trusted auto glass services in the Portland Metro Area, we use only premium quality products and materials to carry out front or rear window replacement. Our technicians use only OEM quality glass, which is manufactured by the same companies that manufacture original car window glasses. Using this glass ensures that the structural integrity of your car or SUV is restored. For more on this, feel free to talk to one of our car window installation specialists.

Problems with your newly installed SUV or car window glass can arise due to many other reasons. The only way to avoid all issues is to work with an auto glass service with plenty of experience. Just because someone offers a cheaper rate does not mean you should hire them. There are many untrustworthy players in the auto glass repair market. You should always remain aware of such dubious elements and hire only highly trained technicians for the job.

Common Problems with Car Windshield Replacement

After getting a car window replacement, you should always keep an eye out for any kind of problems you may notice. If it was a successful installation, you will have no issues with the car windshield. But problems will occur, if the auto glass was not installed by an expert in an accurate manner.

Given below are some of the most pervasive problems that may crop up with a newly replaced car windshield glass.

Water Leaks

Post windshield-replacement, the new auto glass should be checked to find out if it has any water leaks along its edges.

The edges of the new windshield should be sealed properly, so that there are no leaks for water drops to enter your car. If the installation was not done with a high level of accuracy, water leaks can occur. That is why it is important to conduct a leak test after a glass replacement. There are two methods you can use to examine whether the edge of the new glass has leaks: Soapy water test and Hose test. In a soapy water test, you will pour some soapy water along the edges of the glass and direct a stream of air along the edges and see if bubbles are formed on the inner side of the windshield of the car. Likewise, you can conduct a hose test using a garden hose to direct a stream of water along the edges of the windshield.

If your new auto glass has water leaks, any of these two tests will make it known. Leaks along the edges of the glass mean the technician who installed the car window glass did not do a proper and correct job. Therefore, the seal will need to be fixed in order for the water leak problem to go away.

Unusual Noise at High Speeds

Another pervasive problem with an improper windscreen replacement is strange or unusual sounds when driving at high speed. The whooshing or rattling sound that you may hear at higher speeds is actually the sound of wind entering into the gaps along the edges of the car windshield glass. This indicates a loose-fitting auto glass, which is a major safety concern and hazard.

In many cases, the strange sound is so light that you will hardly hear it. To be able to hear this sound, you will need to turn off all the electronic devices. Otherwise, the noise will be easily audible. Whichever is the case, it simply means that the auto glass installation was not done right.

Therefore, you should get in touch with the technician who installed the glass without any delay and get the problem examined.

Wavy Car Window Glass

Post-replacement, you should see a smooth and transparent windshield with no visual distortions of any kind. However, the car window glass may look wavy and blurry due to an improper glass installation.

OEM quality glass will have a crystal-clear appearance. But low quality car or SUV window glasses will not deliver the same quality as that of OEM glass or manufacturer produced automotive glass. Cheap and poor quality glass might have a wavy appearance or look blurry. If you take a closer look at the new windshield while driving, you will be able to see whether the auto glass looks smooth or wavy and blurry. If the glass is not entirely smooth, it is a sign of an improper installation and use of a below-standard replacement glass.

The imperfections in the newly installed car glass can put your life in jeopardy while on the road. That is why it is extremely important to invest in the right type of auto glass for your road safety and protection. To learn more about different types of automotive glasses, feel free to talk to one of our car glass installation specialists at SIR Auto Glass that operates in Oregon and Idaho.

How to Prevent Common Post-Replacement Problems

Instead of detecting issues with your car window replacement, you should try to avoid them in the first place. So, the question is how you can prevent the most pervasive problems with new auto glass installation.

One surefire way to prevent post-replacement issues is to always hire experts for your new windshield installation. If you live in the Portland Metro Area, you should head over to SIR Auto Glass for all kinds of auto glass repair, car window repair, windshield scratch repair, car window replacement, back window replacement etc. Whether your broken auto glass is in need of a repair or a complete replacement, feel confident that our certified and highly trained technicians will perform the job with the highest level of professionalism and dedication.

We use top-notch quality of tempered glass for all new windshield installations in cars, trucks, SUVs, mini vans etc. The quality of our installation is perfect and you will not experience any kind of issues or visual distortions afterwards. Feel free to take advantage of our free mobile windshield replacement, if you are unable to take your vehicle to our auto glass shop.

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What to Do If Your Car Window Glass was Incorrectly Installed?

If you spot signs of an improper installation or suspect that your car windshield glass was not installed in a proper manner, you should not waste time in getting the issues checked by an expert glass technician.

For a thorough assessment of the quality of your new windshield installation, you should reach out to a specialist such as those from SIR Auto Glass. Our expertly trained auto glass technicians will conduct a close inspection and find out exactly what kind of issues you have with your car glass. Based on what is found in the assessment, our specialists will recommend either a repair or a replacement. The purpose is to make sure the replacement issues do not return.

At SIR Auto Glass, we follow a well-defined procedure to carry out a successful car window installation. Our focus on proper alignment and installation will prevent the issues that commonly arise with replacements. Most of all, our auto glass company gives a lifetime warranty with each new installation, so as to give you complete peace of mind and keep you safe on the road.

Talk to a Car Glass Replacement Expert

A car window replacement is a job that should be performed only by highly experienced and trained technicians. If you plan for a top-notch installation and want to avoid the most common problems with the auto glass later, you should reach out to SIR Auto Glass, which specializes in repairing all kinds of chips and cracks as well as new auto glass installations in areas such as Portland, Oregon City, Lake Oswego, Gresham, Wilsonville and Tualatin. Our free mobile windshield replacement services enable you to get the installation done at your location.

If you have a question or want to schedule a car window glass replacement, give us a phone call.