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Your New Windshield is Warrantied!

Every windshield and tempered glass replacement comes with a lifetime warranty against defects in the glass, leaks, stress cracks and anything caused by workmanship such as:

  • Interior damage
  • Paint Damage
  • Dents
  • Damaged or broken parts
  • Wrong glass part

In the event of a windshield leak, we will immediately come to your home or work at your earliest convenience to fix it. Our leak procedure is as follows:

  1. Perform a leak test to identify the leak location as there are other possible causes of water leaking into a vehicle. Other causes may include but are not limited to:
    1. A/C Drains becoming clogging and back draining into the passenger side floor board
    2. Sunroof/Moonroof Drains becoming clogged and draining down the top of the windshield
    3. Cowling area becoming clogged, draining collected water into the passenger side
    4. Rusted pinchweld beyond repair. Our windshield installation warranty will not apply to heavily rusted vehicles. We will advise you to take it to a body shop.
  2. If leak is in 1-2 locations, we will inject a sealer (small bead of urethane, 1/8” in diameter) around the general area.

  3. If leak is in multiple locations (more than 2 or 3), we will perform a full removal and replacement. In this procedure we will reuse the windshield we initially installed, assuming removal is without any damage, and we will completely trim, clean and prep both the windshield and the pinch weld (the part on the body of the car where the windshield is set), apply a fresh bead of urethane and set the windshield back in.
  4. If a leak on the same windshield happens again after these 3 steps and it is verified that the windshield is in fact leaking, we will obtain a new piece of glass, send a different technician out to re-replace your windshield and issue you a full refund of every dollar paid.

Certified Technicians

All of our technicians must go through a minimum of 3 months of on the job training with an experienced technician. Proficiency is determined by each trainer by how well they perform each step involved rather than by the cost or time involved. We also require classroom training and a written examination for every urethane manufacturer that we use. This includes understanding the science behind proper adhesion and bonding of urethane to glass and vehicle body and proper techniques to ensure adhesion every time. It also includes prevention of leaks for specific urethane types, leak diagnosis and prognosis, and required primers and activators to be used on each windshield.

Urethane Products

We primarily use Sika products as they have had the best overall crash test ratings and are the simplest to use. Other manufacturers such as Dow are good, they have great bonding qualities, but Sika has proven to be the best fit for us. Many other urethane brands have a complex set of conditions for safe drive away times, set times and full cure times involving a variety of parameters. These include temperature, humidity, elevation and there are frankly too many numbers to memorize for technicians on the go to think about. If the temperature is A and the humidity is B, at C elevation then I can let the customer drive the car at D time. With Sika’s products, the range is much broader to the point that unless the temperature is over 110 or below 0, there is no difference in safe drive away time. We use Sika MACH 60 which has a 1 hours safe drive away time.


Our philosophy here at SIR Glass is that your windshield is the only barrier between you and the outside elements. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that your windshield be installed correctly the first time. An improperly installed windshield can have enormously dangerous consequences. People have died in collisions with other vehicles because the windshield was installed improperly and there are 2 main reasons for this.

First, if your seat belt fails or you fail to remember to buckle up, your windshield is the second line of defense against you being completely ejected out the front of the car in the event of a head on collision or a rollover. Although if the collisions is fast enough, without a seat belt, you’re still probably going straight through that. But the windshield should act as a buffer to crumble around you and serve as a guard to keep you inside the vehicle. Otherwise you’ll find yourself suddenly outside the car while it and you are both rolling. Between you and the car, the car wins if it rolls on you.

Second, your windshield acts as a structural support for your car also in the event of a rollover so that your car doesn’t completely cave in on you. If the bonding is not sufficient on, your windshield can fly right out of your vehicle and if your car rolls over it might have been the only thing keeping you or one of your loved ones alive, except it didn’t because you had it installed as cheap as possible.

Premium Parts

We make every attempt to only use glass manufactured by companies who also manufacture OEM glass. These are considered Original Equipment Equivalent, meaning they are not OEM but they meet the same quality safety standards as the OEM glass for your specific vehicle.

For example, if your windshield says Toyota PILKINGTON, that means Pilkington manufactured the glass part for your vehicle for Toyota. If we order your windshield from AGC who makes a lot of OEM glass for Honda, it will meet the same quality and safety standards as your Pilkington windshield did, just by a different company. These are considered Premium Aftermarket Glass products. This is the category between regular aftermarket and OEM, though they are still considered aftermarket, just a higher quality.

The major companies are Pilkington, PPG/PGW, AGC, FYG, AP Tech, United, Guardian, Carlite/Carlex, & Sekurit/Saint Gobain. Cheaper aftermarket companies are XYG, Benson & Crinamex are the main brands we stay far away from. Don’t worry, you don’t need to ask for these, we only use Premium aftermarket parts.

Free Mobile Service

We offer mobile auto glass installation at your location. At home or your office, any location convenient to you. At SIR Glass we want to elevate the standard of this industry to a higher level of excellence, quality and trustworthiness. And we have fun! If you need a windshield repair or auto glass replacement give us a call at (503) 893-2825 and we’ll come to you.

Same Day Service

Our technicians are well-versed in the latest technologies and computerized equipment and can handle a job the same day when an appointment is made. Nothing less than premium auto glass repairs and replacements. We take quality seriously because we take safety seriously. 70-80% of repairs and replacements are performed incorrectly due to companies cutting corners or a lack of training.

Free Estimate

Our service prices are fairly priced. We provide free estimates and offer valuable specials and discounts to our customers.

All About Windshield Replacement

New windshields are required for a number of reasons. Cracks and chips, scratches, leaking seals, and hazing, are all things that can obscure your view and lead to greater damage.

Portland drivers rely on windshield replacement service performed by certified professionals. For warrantied craftsmanship that ensures high-quality work, call SIR Glass.

Did you know that driving with a cracked windshield can earn you a traffic citation?

We make windshield removal and installation seamless as possible with convenient mobile service and by assisting with insurance paperwork.

What’s involved in replacing a windshield anyway?

Great question!

Here are some basic tips to help you understand the overall process as well as our jargon, in case you’re interested.

Your windshield is held in place by a thick, black glue called urethane. When properly bonded, our urethane (Sika MACH 60) has a tensile strength of 1000psi, meaning it has been tested to pull apart at 1000 pounds. When fully cured, it feels like slightly stretchy rubber.

The windshield is generally wrapped on the top and both sides with a rubber strip we call a “Molding”. This helps channel water down around the windshield but it does nothing to prevent leaks. It is also for aesthetic purposes. Look at a vehicle without a molding and you’ll understand what we mean.

Two types of windshield moldings

There are 2 types of moldings, cavity and undersided. Cavity means that the rubber strip wraps around the edge of the glass. The undersided moldings are more visibly discreet as they are simply a flat rubber strip that sticks to the underside of the glass, the side that sits into the urethane. These look nice when installed right because they are designed to curve down and then curl up, forming a “U” shape to channel water around and down.

Your windshield cowling and windshield wipers almost always need to be removed prior to removing the old windshield. When a windshield is removed the urethane has to be cut horizontally which requires special tools. The 4 main tools for this step are:

  1. Cold Knife
  2. Long Knife
  3. Extractor Tool
  4. Wire cutout tool

All options work and each tech has certain preferences. There are risks and advantages to each tool.

Prepping windshields for removal.

After the windshield is removed, the cavity of the car where the windshield sits in is called the pinch weld. This will still have an excessive amount of old urethane that MUST be removed and cleaned prior to installation.

After it is cleaned, any scratches in the metal must be primered to prevent rust from building up.

The windshield also needs to be properly prepped, which includes installing the molding, cleaning the inside and outside of the entire windshield, and using an abrasive cleaning agent on the inside perimeter section of the glass that makes contact with the urethane. All oils and foreign substances need to be removed. The second important step here is using a chemical liquid compound called an Activator. This promotes proper adhesion of the urethane to the glass.

How long does windshield replacement take?

Once the pinch weld and windshield are fully prepped, the urethane needs to be laid into the pinch weld. This is step combined with setting the windshield are the 2 main steps that cause the majority of leaks. If the urethane is not laid evenly, each connecting point is not seamed together evenly and/or if the windshield is not pressed into the urethane deep enough there will be a gap where the urethane is not touching the windshield, thus causing a leak.

After the windshield is set in, tape is attached to the top of the windshield on both driver and passenger sides to prevent the windshield from sliding down as the urethane begins to cure. Sika MACH 60 cures quickly enough to allow us to remove the tape as the last step before handing keys back to you; 10-20 minutes after the windshield is laid into the urethane.

Get a windshield installation in Portland without leaving home!

We offer two ways to replace your windshield. You can bring your vehicle into our shop, or we can come to you! Making the windshield replacement that Portland drivers need as easy as possible. There are some important reasons to replace your windshield. Just some of the windshield replacement benefits include:

  • Improve road visibility. In the Portland Metro area, rain is a given. The worse it becomes, the harder it is to see. When you add on a damaged windshield, your view can be seriously impaired. Driving begins with the line of sight, so make sure yours is clear.
  • Restore your protection. Windshields are actually multi-layered. There is a vinyl or plastic layer between two layers of glass. This keeps glass in place after damage and helps prevent debris from penetrating into the cabin. A Portland windshield replacement restores this layer and keeps you safer.
  • Don’t drive illegally. Portland has specific laws regarding window obstructions. If your damage is severe enough, you may be breaking them. This gives police an easy reason for pulling you over.