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Auto Glass Repair in Portland

Auto Glass Repair for your Vehicle

A cracked or shattered window glass is not uncommon. It can happen to any car owner anytime, whether the car is parked or during traveling. Whatever may be the reason for damage, you should never ignore it. The window glass provides safety to the occupants of the car. If the glasses of your car have chipped or cracked, it is actually a safety hazard. As soon as you have a shattered window glass, you should seek the services of a car glass repair company.

Many car owners ignore damages to the automotive glasses just because they think the crack is too small to worry about.

Automotive glasses are specially designed to provide safety to occupants while driving. Even if your car is in the garage or parked somewhere outside, the windshield and the side windows keep your car secured. But once the glasses of a car are damaged, it exposes you to a variety of risks.

SIR Auto Glass provides Auto Glass Repair service in Portland, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Oregon City and more.

Common Causes of Automotive Glass Damage

There are various situations that inflict damage upon automotive glasses. You can get the window glasses of your car shattered after a collision, even when you are driving at a low speed. The impact from a collision exerts pressure on the windows, which results in the shattering of glasses. A car’s glasses can get damaged due to vandalism or an attempt to break into the car. Another very common reason which can shatter or chip the window glasses of a car is debris impact. You’re driving on the road and a small stone suddenly kicks up and hits your car on the windshield or the side windows, causing the auto glasses to crack.

There are also some rare cases where the automotive glasses get shattered due to thermal pressure. If you leave your car in a hot climate for far too long, excessive heat can cause shatters in the glasses.

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Repair or Replacement: What’s the Best Option for My Car?

After window glasses of a car have chipped or cracked, the first question which comes to the mind of a car owner is – “Should I get the car glass repaired or replaced altogether. This is a valid question because an auto glass repair service and an auto glass replacement service are meant to address different needs, and it is important that you’re well-informed.

If you have shattered or chipped auto glasses, expert technicians from SIR Glass will evaluate the extent of damage and then suggest you either a repair or a replacement, whichever suits your case best.

Our certified professionals will assess the damage based on:

Size: Chips that measure more than ⅜ inch and cracks which are larger than 3 inches need auto glass replacement. However, there are some exceptions to this criteria, and so evaluation will be required.

Location: Whether you need auto window repair or replacement also depends on the exact location of the damage. For example, if a crack is located right in the line of your sight, a replacement should be a better option. Feel confident that our professionals will closely assess the damage and recommend only the best solution for your case so that you don’t have to face problems further.

Timespan: If a crack or a chip in the window glasses is left unaddressed for too long, it gathers dirt and repair service becomes difficult. In such cases, our technicians will go for an auto glass replacement, instead of repair.

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