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Windshield Replacement Tualatin
There are some fantastic reasons to get a windshield replacement Tualatin drivers may not have considered. Windshield damage may not be obvious. You may only experience reduced visibility at night. Gasket issues might not present until a leak has already harmed the interior. Waiting to get windshield repair just gives these problems more time to manifest. Don’t wait until a problem extends beyond your windshield or negatively affects the operation of your vehicle. High quality glass and excellent warranties come from SIR Glass. Your car deserves the royal treatment.

Get a windshield replacement wherever you are!

You are never limited in your ability to get the windshield replacement Tualatin vehicles deserve. If you can’t make it in to one of our nearby locations, our mobile station can come to you. Our windshield technicians are capable of replacing your windshield nearly anywhere you are. Whether it’s a replacement emergency or you are just happy hanging out at home while we do the work, your vehicle will enjoy all these benefits:

  • Improve visibility on the road. The weather in Tualatin does what it wants. Winter and spring rains can seriously harm your ability to drive safely. Windshield damage just adds to this danger. At night scratches and hazing can reflect even more light, blinding your sight. Make sure your windshield is crystal clear and stay safe.
  • Restore the protection of your windshield. Your windshield is specifically designed to protect you in the event of an impact. Whether it’s a crash or an object hitting the windshield, it’s meant to capture that force, deflect debris, and contain broken glass. Cracks and chips ruin this protection. If an object hits a damaged area just right it can make it through and injure you. A Tualatin windshield replacement guarantees like new windshield protection.
  • Make your car a legal driver. Laws in Tualatin prohibit an obstructed view out of your windshield. While these charges can be disputed, it may violate the law and provides police with an irrefutable reason for pulling you over. Don’t give them a free pass. Replace your windshield today.

Your Warrantied Windshield Replacement!

Every windshield replacement company includes a warranty. However, not all of these warranties are the same. When you need to use it, they fix your windshield and leave. We don’t believe that is enough. You deserve compensation for your inconvenience and time. Our warranty provides it. Our No Leak Guarantee pays you if we make a mistake. Our guarantee will refund you $100 or a $100 Visa gift card in the event your insurance provider paid for installation and you encounter a verified installation related leak.

This guarantees accountability for our craftsmanship. When other companies just repair and leave, we do more. We’re confident in the quality of our windshield replacements. High- grade sealant, gaskets, and glass deliver the quality we’re known for. You deserve a windshield replacement Tualatin drivers rely on for protection of their health, drivability, and vehicle. Don’t accept anything less with SIR Glass.

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Make us your first choice for a windshield replacement in Tualatin. Wherever you are, whatever your ride, our technicians are ready to help replace windshields on trucks, vans, cars, and more. Call (503) 893-2825 or contact us today!

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