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Windshield Replacement Hillsboro
There are some really great reasons to get a windshield replacement Hillsboro driver may not know about. Windshield damage isn’t always visible or obvious. Some problems are only encountered during night driving. Others can be made worse or brought on by strong rains. Waiting on windshield repairs until something goes catastrophically wrong is dangerous. Once a problem has affected your vehicle operation it may already be too late. High quality glass and warranties with more come from SIR Glass. Your car deserves the royal treatment.

Get a windshield replacement no matter where you are!

Your location shouldn’t keep you from the windshield replacement Hillsboro drivers deserve. If you are unable to reach one of our convenient locations, our mobile station will come to you. Our windshield technicians have the skills and abilities to replace your windshield nearly anywhere. Whether it’s an emergency service, or you just want to enjoy the comfort of your own home during a replacement, you’ll receive these great benefits:

  • Improve road visibility while driving. The weather in Hillsboro can be volatile, especially during winter and spring rains. This can compromise your ability to see the road. Add in windshield hazing and scratching, and you may be in serious trouble. Microscopic scratches can capture water droplets and slow flow off the windshield. At night light can also be captured and reflected right into your eyes, blinding you. Stay safe with a crystal clear windshield.
  • Restore your windshield’s natural protection. Windshields are designed to protect against impact damage. They are created to absorb damage, deflect objects, and reduce or eliminate flying glass shards. That’s because they are made of two layers of glass stuck together with an inner adhesive layer. If your windshield is already damaged it can compromise this protection. Objects may fly through, glass splinters may not remain stationary, and you may put yourself and your passengers in danger. A Hillsboro windshield replacement guarantees like new windshield protection.
  • Make your car a legal driver. Laws in Hillsboro prohibit windshields that obstruct the driver’s view. While you may be able to dispute charges, a damaged windshield may violate the law and give police a reason to pull you over. Don’t give them the opportunity. Replace your windshield today.

Your Warrantied Windshield Replacement!

Many windshield replacement companies offer warranties. That doesn’t make them equal though. When you actually need to put the warranty to use, what do you get out of it? A fixed windshield shouldn’t be good enough. When work isn’t up to standards, you should be compensated. That’s what we do. Our No Leak Guarantee pays you if we make a mistake. Our guarantee will refund you $100 or a $100 Visa gift card in the event your insurance provider paid for installation and you encounter a verified installation related leak.

This provides you with guaranteed accountability from our installers. When other companies just repair and dash, we do more. We’re confident in our windshield replacement quality. High-grade glass, gaskets, and sealants deliver quality you can depend on. You deserve a windshield replacement Hillsboro drivers can trust to protect their vehicle, visibility, and health. Don’t accept anything less with SIR Glass.

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Choose us for your windshield replacement in Hillsboro. Whatever your ride, wherever you are, our technicians are mobile and ready to replace windshields on trucks, cards, vans, and more. Call (503) 893-2825 or contact us today!

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