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Windshield Replacement Beaverton
There are some great reasons to get a windshield replacement Beaverton drivers may not even realize. Windshield damage isn’t always obvious and often involves more than a highly visible crack or chip. Many problems only present in certain conditions. Others involving sealants can cause damage to additional areas in a vehicle. Waiting to have your windshield repaired is typically much more costly when damage is allowed to get worse. Don’t wait. Get warrantied work and the highest quality glass from SIR Glass.

Get a windshield replacement delivered to you!

We offer more than one way to replace your windshield. With several conveniently located shops it’s easy to stop by. Our windshield replacement technicians can also come to you. Making the windshield replacement Beaverton vehicles need simple and easy is our way of saying thanks. If you’re at all hesitant about a replacement some of the great benefits include:

  • Improved road visibility. Rain is always a possibility in Beaverton. In winter and spring this can make driving difficult. Safe driving can be nearly impossible, especially if you add on windshield damage. Hazing and scratches can all be made worse by rain, especially at night when reflectivity is highest. Make sure your sight, and your windshield, are crystal clear.
  • Restored protection. Windshields aren’t a single piece of glass. They are actually two pieces of glass with a layer of vinyl or plastic in-between. The middle layer acts as a barrier. It can catch and deflect debris and contain glass in the event of a crash or object damage. A Beaverton windshield restoration restores this layer and protects you.
  • Don’t drive illegally. Beaverton law requires windshields to be unobstructed. If the damage to your windshield is comprehensive enough, it may violate the law. This allows police to easily pull you over.

Your Warrantied Windshield Replacement!

Every windshield replacement company tempts you with a warranty. Every warranty is not created equally though. When you have to use your warranty, they fix the problem, and that’s all. You deserve compensation for lost time and inconvenience. Our warranty delivers it. Our No Leak Guarantee pays you in the event we make a mistake. Our guarantee will refund you $100 or a $100 Visa gift card if your windshield installation was paid for by insurance and you suffer from a verified installation related leak.

This provides you with guaranteed accountability for our craftsmanship. We’re willing to provide this when other companies won’t because we’re sure of our windshield replacement quality. Using the highest quality gaskets, sealant, and glass provides our customers with more. You deserve a windshield replacement Beaverton drivers trust to protect their vehicle, health, and drivability. Don’t accept anything less with SIR Glass.

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Make us your first choice for a windshield replacement in Beaverton. Wherever you need us, whatever you drive, our technicians are prepared and ready to replace windshields on vans, cars, trucks, and more. Call (503) 893-2825 or contact us today!

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