Your Insurance Approved Auto Glass Company

You have the right to choose your auto glass provider, but it doesn’t mean that all glass companies are created equally. Insurance companies don’t like paying out on claims. This is one instance where they save money when you get better service. Poor workmanship from an unapproved company almost guarantees more claims. That means choosing an insurance approved auto glass company in Portland is the smart decision.

We perform work to the highest standards. Get insurance approved auto glass and get moving.

Auto glass technicians are not required to get certified. We only hire certified auto glass technicians.

Choosing approved auto glass gets you more.

We work directly with your insurance provider. That means you won’t have to second-guess a thing. Our company will determine whether or not your windshield replacement or repairs are covered before work begins. We’ll identify any deductibles as well. That way you can make an informed choice. But that’s not all we do.

  • A lifetime No Leak Guarantee on glass replacement.
  • Assistance determining and verifying deductibles.
  • The use of premium grade glass and materials.

  • Free estimates and a wide variety of discounts.
  • Technicians that only suggest necessary repairs.
  • Same day services for chip and glass repairs.

Insurance Approved—Locally Trusted

Insurance Approved Auto Glass Company Portland
Approval from your insurance company is great, but it’s the customer that truly matters. We work for you, and we guarantee the work we do.

We provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on our work. You shouldn’t have to take quality on faith. You don’t when you choose SIR Glass. We guarantee our workmanship and even offer an exclusive lifetime NO-LEAK Guarantee. Other local glass companies don’t have enough confidence in their work to offer the same. We pair high-quality products with certified technicians to deliver the best in auto glass repair and replacements right to you.

Just some of the problems we repair include:

Insurance Approved Auto Glass Service Portland

We handle all of your auto glass needs.

Your insurance typically covers more than your windshield. Though deductibles are dependent on your plan and coverage amount, damage isn’t windshield exclusive. It can occur on any pane of glass and can negatively impact safety just as much. A damaged quarter panel can make it even more difficult to visually assess your blind spots. Damaged hatch or door glass can compromise personal security. We repair them all, including:

  • Windshields
  • Back glass panels
  • Quarter glass panels

  • Front door glass
  • Rear door glass
  • Hatch glass

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When you need high-quality auto glass services, put your trust in SIR Glass. Our mobile services are always free and we work directly with your insurance provider to eliminate uncertainty. Call or contact us today and restore your glass the easy way.